Frisky Foreplay Game

Sex becomes a routine for most couples after a while. Sex becomes nonexistent for many couples in due course of time. While some couples try to ignite the flame they once shared, the sexual activity tends to become boring if it is just a bland physical experience. There is more to sex than sexual intercourse.

All couples know this and realize the significance but only a few actually do something to turn every session into a passionate, emotional and satiating experience. Frisky Foreplay Game is a distinct way to approach sex. Couples can use the various ideas to spark the flame that becomes elusive with time.

Barbara Kortekaas’ guide is a creative approach to sex. There are fun ideas that can ignite passion, turn couples on, triggers a desire for exploratory experiences and satiates the intimate needs. Her book has spice games using a regular dice. There is a massive list of activities aimed to get couples interested in exploring a plethora of erotic pleasures. Couples can plan some bedroom games or spring up a surprise.

Couples can encourage each other to consider new ideas and to combine different foreplays. There are ways to stimulate erotic desires and not just physical actions but also thoughts and perceived pleasures that not all couples explore or even consider. Barbara’s eBook is not only an introductory guide but a complete solution to indulge in fantasies that can reignite the sexual chemistry in couples.

Frisky Foreplay has an immediate impact on sex life. There is also an indirect impact on other aspects of a relationship. The ideas help couples to shed their inhibition, they can learn more about each other, there is a substantial boost to mutual trust and an unprecedented sense of mutual understanding. As couples get busy with their lives and move from one chore to another, Barbara’s work can make them lovers again.

Frisky Foreplay Game by Barbara Kortekaas

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