Fungus Protocol

Once the fungal infection has started, it will not go away until the fungus is completely destroyed. The fungi are very tenacious and can survive for months in the fallen skin flakes. What to expect from the fungus lurking in the nail? The skin absorbs fungal cells, they fix to the skin, multiply and spread on it, and then, under favorable conditions, they embed into the nail from one of the sides.

Over time, the fungus invades all the parts of the nail and moves on to other nails or skin. Nail fungus is the source of infection of other parts of the body. Even if you treat all sources of fungus that affect the skin on the feet or body, then a re-infection will take place out of a surviving source of infection in the nails. By the way, the new guide by Hans Frieder presents a unique method of treatment of fungus on the feet. You will be happy with the result!

The presence of nail fungus or athlete’s foot significantly reduces the quality of life – a set of parameters characterizing the emotional, mental and social well-being. Several thousand patients were required to answer a questionnaire in 2015-2016 for a study. It turned out that the quality of life of a person who has a fungal nail infection is reduced to an average of 50-55% compared with the quality of life characteristics of a healthy person. The patients noted not only the physical discomfort associated with the thickening or destruction of the nails, but they also experienced different concerns, fears, and negative emotions.

It was found that nail fungus strongly limits the activity of a person, disturbing his or her rest, exercising and socializing with other people. Moreover, feelings of discomfort and shame for the condition of the nails sometimes prevented going to the doctor on time. The longer the disease was, the harder the infection of the nails with fungus became, and the worse the quality of life got. I wish you a speedy recovery to all of you, friends!

Fungus Protocol by Hans Frieder

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