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There is a stereotype claiming that men need only one thing, namely, they need sex. However, in fact, not all men have strong sexual attraction. One in five men experiences low sexual desire. By downloading and reading the guide by Brian Kleiman, you will discover a technique that will significantly improve your sexual performance. Do not miss out his manual. Anxiety and stress affect the loss of libido in men.

If a man experiences difficulties at work, or he has problems in family relations, that will inevitably affect his libido. Sexual desire decreases during depression and mental disorders. Obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol level in the body, and high blood pressure reduce sexual desire in men. Some medications can also have a negative impact on sexual desire: drugs used to treat HIV, and hair loss can cause a loss in libido.

The hormone testosterone is responsible for libido in men. Its low level affects the level of sexual desire. With age, the level of testosterone in men decreases. Medication and chronic diseases also affect it. A high level of prolactin and low level of thyroid hormones can affect the loss in libido in men. The human brain has a great influence on sexual attraction. A chemical messaging system is linked to sexual desire.

Dopamine is actively involved in it. Libido boosts in patients who suffer from Parkinson’s disease, and who are given drugs to stimulate the production of dopamine. In order to boost sexual desire in men, it is necessary to take away the cause that triggered it. Whatever the reason is for the loss in libido, a man can restore his sex drive if he wants to. And all he needs is a sensitive and loving woman to help him out with that.

Green Stone Secrets by Brian Kleiman

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