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Hemorrhoids – an inflammation and swollen veins in the anal canal which leads to bleeding and to the displacement of the internal venous plexus. According to the official data, every seventh person on Earth suffers from hemorrhoids, which is about 15%. But this is only the official data! Not everyone immediately goes to the doctor with this disease. We can assume that a quarter of the world population facing this problem!

And it’s all due to the fact that most people running such a stereotype that it is not polite to talk about rectum diseases. So people go to the doctor only when the disease becomes an advanced stage and the patient gets tired to deal with it. Hemorrhoids refer to diseases that are much more common among men than women.

Who gets hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids can get each of us. But particularly people who sit for long periods, suffer from constipation or obesity, have anal sex, eating too much smoked, sharp, salty and spicy food. Even people who fond of heavy sporting or working on hard work.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

The most common symptoms of hemorrhoids include:

1) Bleeding during bowel movements, blood on the surface of the stool.

When a man has severe constipation a lot of hard stool accumulates in the intestine, which begins to put pressure on the venous wall. Due to the pressure the oxygen can’t reach the venous, the blood stays there for a long time and they start to stretch. As a result of stretching the walls become thinner, and, in some places, gaps occur, which leads to bleeding.

The blood flows only before or after a bowel movement. Blood can flow as small drops that remain on paper or small streams. If the bleeding is heavy, it may result in iron deficiency anemia. It should be noted that the main symptom of hemorrhoids is rectal bleeding!

2) Rectal Prolapse

Another major symptom of hemorrhoids is a rectal prolapse when part or all of the wall of the rectum slides out of place, sometimes sticking out of the anus, which is the result of degenerative processes. Strong and long straining during bowel movements, as well as a long sitting in the toilet reading the newspaper,  is the major factor of the development of degenerative processes. Another cause can be smoking.

3) Foreign body sensation, feeling of heaviness

People suffering from hemorrhoids, often feel a foreign body in the anus, as well as severe groin pain when walking. Such symptoms are due to congestion of internal and/or external venous plexuses around the anal canal.

4) Anal itching or burning

5) Itching or burning tell about the erosion of the walls of the linked blood vessels

6) Pain during defecation, walking and sitting

Infringement hemorrhoid causes bad pain. The reason why pain is severe because the anus is located near many receptors. The pain occurs most often during bowel movements, but sometimes when walking. This pain is a sign of incipient attack of acute hemorrhoids.

7) Sore and sensitive that the slightest touch is unbreakable

If touching hemorrhoid nodes causing you pain, and the hosts become purple, plum-colored, it is a sign of thrombosis. Plum spots may reach two centimeters in diameter.

If you notice at least one of the above symptoms, you have to download the e-book and start to treat hemorrhoids by natural methods now! In ancient times hemorrhoids generally not considered a disease. I am sure you’ll get relief from the comfort of your home by following Jessica’s manual.

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