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People start doing yoga from different motives: someone is looking for the meaning of life, someone wants to learn how to relax in the swift current of modern life, and someone wants to work on the figure. Let’s see how effective yoga is for weight loss. Frankly speaking, yoga is not the fastest way to lose weight. Regular classes, of course, affect the metabolism, reduce appetite, stretch the muscles and create a beautiful figure with smooth lines. However, all this is achieved not in a month, and not even in 5 months.

Nevertheless, the result from yoga is impressive, of course, because in addition to the beautiful figure you will gain health and peace of mind. However, using Zoe Bray Cotton’s system “Her Yoga Secrets” aka “Yoga Burn Booty Challenge” for losing weight through yoga, you will lose weight much faster. It is a very effective guide for any woman to bring her figure in order before summer vacation! Use my simple tips to make yoga effective for weight loss.

Yoga for weight loss: maintain regularity

The regularity of practice is important in yoga more than in any other practice. Moreover, if you use yoga as the way for losing weight, it is even more so. Do exercise 4-6 times a week for 30-40 minutes. Remember, if you will do yoga from time to time, you can forget about losing weight. The fact is that yoga triggers the internal processes in the organism and you need to do exercises regularly to maintain them.

Yoga for weight loss: you should adhere to proper nutrition

It can be very difficult for any European person to use the yogic principles of nutrition. Moreover, the Indian Masters of yoga say that there is no need for that because the body needs to get the products that were grown on the ground where this person was born. In other words, if our great-grandparents ate beetroot soup, we don’t need to abandon it, switching to rice and beans and semolina with mustard.

Of course, a varied menu is great. The main rule is to keep the menu without extremes. In order to lose weight, you should stick to the basics of healthy eating. Avoid starving; avoid excessive sweet, fatty, and fried food. Eat small meals 5 times a day.

It is interesting

In Ancient India, to lose weight quickly people refused food for a month, drank water only and did the asanas. Today some supporters of yoga recommend a mono-diet for weight loss, it is when you select one meal for diet and eat only this food during a month. The practice of yoga remains in your schedule of the day. However, it is not necessary to conduct such experiments without consulting a doctor.

Yoga for weight loss: enjoy it

To get results from yoga, you need to enjoy it. This is the main difference between Western trends. Violence is not allowed in yoga and a body has the opportunity to gradually strengthen the muscles without racing for records. By the way, this is the reason why stretching after yoga never brings health problems.

Yoga for weight loss: visualize

Visualization is an integral part of yoga. You should visualize before each yoga practice. This will help to free your mind from unnecessary thoughts; it will keep all negativity far away and set you in a positive way. You can imagine what you want to get from yoga. According to yoga teachers, such visualization will increase the efficiency of training.

The question of yoga effectiveness for weight loss is vital as for those who are going to do their first practice, and for those who have already been practicing yoga or other physical activity. Though not every instructor will give a definite answer to this question, because the impact of yoga on the body depends not only on the perfect execution of asana but also on many other factors — on properly chosen direction, power, instructors, breathing exercises and so on.

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