How To Read A Man

It is not necessary to date man for a half year to get to know him. Maybe he is not your hero, and you just wasted your precious time on him. However, there are a couple of secrets which will help you to read men like an “open book”. Deeds and actions that men do without thinking and intention to impress someone can tell you a lot about his characteristics and nature.

So, you can read men through his actions and deeds. Even you can figure out what can you expect from him and is he the man of your life. By the way, there is a very good book named How To Read A Man & Influence Him. With the help of Mark Scott’s guide, you can read men like an “open book”. In the meantime, read these few tips.

Carefully look at what he will order in the restaurant or cafe. If you date with the „potato and meat“ lover, then that men are permanent and reliable. So, do not expect reckless courage from him. If your date is the exotic cousin lover – it means that he is the man who does not love spending a boring time at home and everyday routine. Also, he is spontaneous and loves fun.

Carefully look at him – is he tidy or messy. If he is perfectly dressed up, everything is on its place and his shirt is always perfectly ironed – then this man is very sophisticated, “carefree” days just not for him, you should know that he will ask the same from you. If he is a little bit untidy or messy – he is an open-minded person, but if his bathroom is filled up with the dirtiness and if he is wearing the same t-shirt for a month, then he may be too young or lazy?

The left-hander or right-hander. If your chosen one is left-handed, then you are dating with the creative person, maybe somewhere deep down in his soul he is an artist and creative person.

What underwear he likes to wear. If the man wears very tight underwear, then it means that he is proud of his “dignity”. Remember, tighter underwear – more man will want to demonstrate his abilities in bed. The man who wears briefs may not be “spectacular” in bed, but he will always listen to your needs and wishes. There are a few men who do not like to wear underwear – that kind of person has very liberal principles and they want to be always free.

Men also taking care of hair just like girls. More hair he has – more confident he is.

If he is the older kid of the family, then he is a very kind, attentive and responsible guy. If he is the youngest, then he is a rebel and very creative. If he is middle brother then be prepared to give a lot of attention because he is too sensitive.

How he treats you in public places. If he is making circles around you – he wants to show you or he is „marking territory“. Sometimes this kind of behave is a sign of danger that someone will take you away right in front of his nose. If a man, while he is in a public place, not walking hand-to-hand with you, then he is not sure about his feelings. Remember, touch is the main proof of a close relationship.

How to Read a Man by Mark Scott

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