The Joint Pain Relief Codes

Most often the joint pain appears in the elderly but is sometimes accompanied by the diseases that young people and even children can have. People have joint pain at different ages, but more often women have it than men. The pain may occur only at night or harass constantly, to be aching or very strong — in any case, the pain gives a person a lot of trouble.

Joint pain can occur in inflammatory diseases of the joints (arthritis), metabolic or degenerative disorders (osteoarthritis), diseases of the soft tissues surrounding the joint, variety of allergic, infectious diseases, diseases of the blood, internal organs, nervous and endocrine systems. That is why, if you have aching joints, you need to contact the doctor to find out why they are aching and then start treatment.

Causes of pain in joints

Joint pain is a manifestation of total intoxication of the organism. In various acute diseases (e.g., flu, tonsillitis), and chronic diseases (chronic tonsillitis, cholecystitis, etc.) flying pain in one, then in another joint may occur periodically.  This is one of the manifestations of general intoxication (poisoning) of the body. Such pain usually reduces or disappears on the successful treatment of the underlying disease.

Joint pain with arthritis

When there is inflammation of the joint (arthritis), you have pain that is aggravated by prolonged immobility of the joint. Pain is amplified late at night and in the morning and causes the patient to move to alleviate the pain. This is so-called “inflammatory” pain, its appearance is associated with the accumulation in the joint cavity the products of inflammation irritating the nerve endings.

The treatment of joint pain with arthritis is aimed at the removal of inflammation in the joint (antibiotics, glucocorticoid hormones, etc.) and the strengthening of protective forces of your organism. After removing the inflammation pain decreases. For the treatment of severe pain, various painkillers and relieving swelling drugs are used, including products for external use, as well as physiotherapy.

But the main objective of arthritis treatment is the restoration of cartilage. The main reason for the development of degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system is a decreased level of glucosamine and chondroitin, natural components of joint cartilages. By the way, the Joint Pain Relief Codes presents the unique method of treating joint pain at home. Now my grandmother is practically not concerned by the pain in her right knee thanks to Jonathan Bender’s guide.

Joint pain with rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis usually occurs after suffering from sore throats or flu. The disease begins acutely, with high temperature. The joints (usually large) are affected symmetrically; they are swollen and acutely painful to the touch. The pain subsides after anti-inflammatory treatment (antibiotics, non-specific anti-inflammatory drugs).

The cause of rheumatoid arthritis is not fully understood. A gradual, slow progression of the disease is the most typical. Swelling, stiffness and moderately severe pain hit the small joints of the hands and feet at first, then the larger joints (knee, shoulder, hip) will be involved in the process. Joints change their shape; the muscles located around them shrink (atrophy). Aching pain is permanent and the patients suffer from this pain very much.

Pain and swelling decrease after taking of nonspecific anti-inflammatory drugs – NSAIDs, including means for external use. If NSAIDs do not bring relief, as well as in case of lesions of the internal organs and in case of total serious condition the hormonal therapy (prednisone) should be prescribed. Hormones are used in extreme cases when all other possibilities have been exhausted. When the patient has severe pain, a doctor puts a splint on the joint, fixing the limb in a comfortable position for the patient. Heat can ease this pain also.

Joint pain with osteoarthritis

When there are degenerative disorders in the joints (arthrosis) which can occur after trauma of the joint or in later life as the result of metabolic disturbance, the intensity of the pain in joints is usually slight, it increases under load, especially towards the end of the day and disappears at night or at rest.

This is a “mechanical” type of pain, it occurs when the mechanical irritation of the membranes of the joints by salts which are formed in the process of metabolic disturbance. To relieve pain in arthritis affected joints you need to have rest periodically. I wish all the readers of my blog good health! Let the pain in joints and muscles never bothers you. Thank you.

The Joint Pain Relief Codes by Jonathan Bender

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