The Laserless Tattoo Removal Guide

For more than 50 years scientists are trying to learn how to remove a tattoo at home. Unfortunately, there is no universal and safe method of tattoo removal today. But, nevertheless, the salon versions of the process are very expensive and do not always give the desired result. Therefore, there still remains the problem of how to remove a tattoo at home.

To date, most distribution six methods of tattoo removal at home have got the most distribution. I describe them in this article. But recently the Laserless Tattoo Removal Guide was published, which presents another way to remove the tattoo. My friend has removed a tattoo on his arm without problems with Dorian Davis’ technique. He really liked everything. So feel free to download this guide via the link on this page. And now let’s back to the details of the method of tattoo removal at home.

Tincture of celandine. We will apply it to a small area of skin with the tattoo, as a result, we have a burn of that area of the body. As a consequence, the top layer of skin will be removed. A scar will be formed at this place. And more importantly. Celandine is a toxic plant and you can’t apply it to large areas of skin without causing significant injury for your health

Chemical burns. As well as with the help of celandine, substances that can cause burns will be applied to the skin. As a result, you will get scars, and the procedure is very painful.

Potassium permanganate. As a variation of the preceding option, we use potassium permanganate. We sprinkle potassium permanganate on the area of skin with a tattoo, then cover the skin with a wet cloth and wrap it. After 2-4 hours we remove the poultice and treat burns. The result is the scars.

Vinegar essence. There are two options. In the first option, you apply the essence to the skin and then in five minutes, you neutralize it with hydrogen peroxide. Then wash off with cold water. The process takes from five to eight days. The second option. We inject the vinegar essence to the top layer of skin with the help of the tattoo machine destroying the pigment. White spots may remain on the place of the tattoo, or fragments of pigment will possibly remain.

You inject milk under the skin with a syringe and do injections on the entire area of the tattoo as often as possible. As a result, you have a suppuration of the whole area of your tattoo. The unaesthetic scar will be formed on the place of the tattoo.

How to remove a tattoo at home with the help of iodine. The described method, according to my friend’s opinion, gave quite an effective result. Tattoo, that you want to remove, is processed with 5% (namely 5%, but not 10%) solution of iodine three times a day. The treatment place should remain open. The use of bandages is unacceptable, in order to avoid a severe burn. On the second or third day, the skin will start peeling off slowly. It is not desirable to flay the skin in order to speed up the process.

You should better to be patient. In four weeks, maybe earlier, maybe later, it depends on the characteristics of your organism and the depth of tattooing, the tattoo will disappear. You should treat the new skin with special ointment, and you must also be careful not to expose skin to the sunlight.

Here are the basic methods which help to remove the tattoo at home. Of course, it is desirable not to use these methods ever, but if you have such desire, it is better to think a hundred times to consciously make a choice, be aware of the consequences. The removal of the tattoo at home is a process that requires patience, persistence and a decent amount of time. But it will save you a lot of money. These methods are irreplaceable if there are no specialized medical centers or clinics in your locality. I wish you good luck in removing the tattoo from your body! Thank you!

The Laserless Tattoo Removal Guide by Dorian Davis

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