Leeray Woodworking

Do you like woodwork? I am happy to inform you that this brand new guide was recently published, where more than 13500 schemes of creating various wooden ware are represented. I am absolutely convinced that this woodworking guide will help you to craft a lot of useful wooden things. Download it for sure! Here is some useful advice for now. The mood matters! Do not step into your workshop if you are exhausted, feeling under the weather, or if your mind is occupied with other things.

At best, your woodworking success will not be impressive, at worst, the whole affair can end up in an accident. Your eyes, ears, and lungs need to be protected! Always use special equipment with noise reduction rating (NKK) not less than 22 dB to protect your eyes and hearing organs, when working with machines and electric tools. A dust mask is better than nothing, but it is better to use an N95-rated respirator. When working with paint equipment, use a respirator rated N95 or N99.

Make use of other people’s help! Most woodworkers gladly share their experiences and give advice. A few minutes spent on reading Leeray’s manual will help you to make the complicated process of creating a wooden item simple and pleasant. Restock! Always keep a required amount of the essential goods in your workshop, including a paint tape and double-sided tape, hands-cleaning paste, tweezers with a magnifying glass, a first aid kit, and a fire extinguisher.

One can never be too organized! Make cupboards, shelves, and boxes with your own hands depending on your needs. When everything is in good order, work will go well and bring satisfaction and you will spend less time looking for tools and accessories. Make more than seems necessary! Make a few extra samples when you are sawing up detail for your project, use them in order to check and set the equipment. Remaining scrapings can be used for testing stains and other finishing compounds in order to get an accurate idea of how they will look on the end-product. Dear men, I wish you luck and patience in your useful hobby.

Leeray Woodworking by James Bonnell

Leeray Woodworking book cover
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