Long Distance Love

How to keep the love when you’re far away from a loved one? Is it possible to preserve good relations with each other, when you share hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away? What to do when the time from call to call seems like an eternity? What to do when love is fragile and vulnerable, shown in the smiles and messages? Isn’t it possible to save it? Answers to these questions can be found in the guide by Bob Grant.

The author has spent hundreds of hours researching this problem and derived a formula that will help you preserve and enhance love, even if you are hundreds of miles from each other for a very long time. Many say that love does not stand to be apart, gradually extinguishing, and, leaving the relationship. But these words are the only evidence of their bad experience. True love can cope even with very long separation, warming the loved one’s hearts and filling them with light and joy.

Another thing is that separation is always difficult because of the fear of the unknown and fear of abandonment prevail over deep feelings. Loving, being in different cities and countries, is difficult, but it is possible. Therefore, keeping love on the distance could and should be done, the main thing is to believe in yourselves and to follow some tips.

Listen only to your heart

Girlfriends and friends may tell you that your efforts are in vain and meaningless. But this is your relationship and only you have to decide whether to save it or not. The one that seems strange and wrong for some people, maybe the right solution for others.

Do not lose connection with your loved one

To keep love on a distance, always find the opportunity in any circumstances to call or write SMS to your loved one, ask about his mood and how are things going on. At the heart of a strong relationship, there is a real friendship between a man and a woman that requires manifestation of attention and care to your second half. By maintaining friendly and cordial relations, you add more fuel to the fire of your love flame.

When talks on Skype and phones are boring and seem monotonous, make something new, such as writing papers or emails. By the way, paper letters are the personification of something romantic and mysterious which, of course, introduces variety to communication “from far away.”

Loving on a distance, do not forget about romance

Creating the romance when being far away from each other, is difficult, but it is possible. For example, using Skype, you can make a wonderful romantic evening with candles and glasses of champagne and present a favorite gift wrapped in packaging. Having shown it, promise to give it in person when you see each other. A little imagination and irony, and you will see a smile on the face of a loved one. The feeling of romance will allow to feel each other much better and closer, share your feelings, and make sure that your relationship is strong.

Avoid arguments

Quarreled at a distance is very easy, and can happen for any reason. He didn’t call, she didn’t write, she talked with a cold voice, etc. All these are seemingly little things in life, but people who are hundreds of miles away from each other, they are beaten and wounded the hardest. As for the calls and words are all what they are living with at the time and what they focus on. Unsubstantiated accusations turn into a scandal that ends with loud insults or rupture of relations.

Long Distance Love by Bob Grant

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