Love Commands

I am fond of relation psychology of sexes for a long time. It is very pleasant that there are more and more books on this topic. They really help to understand yourselves, to understand the others and to build relationships. Do you ever think why your personal life does not feel so well? Why has a recent romance turned into a series of disappointments? Maybe you play it wrong. Yes, you are really doing wrong!

When I started to practice applying advices from the book Love Commands by Scott Foster, I was able to radically change the situation without any visits to psychologist. I started to treat life as a game, applying these rules and, finally, began to win in the role of a bitch.

Once again, I remind you that a bitch is always very sweet. She is as sweet as a peach. However, inside each sweet peach lies a hard bone. Familiarity breeds resentment, and predictability breeds boredom.

A person who is less dependent on the results of relationships automatically makes the other dependent. The psychology of man is like a plant. It needs to be watered, but it also needs air to breathe. Giving a man too much confidence is like pouring water on a plant. Excess moisture will kill the flower; excess attention will kill love.

The life spice is the highest degree of sexuality. Remember the proverb: “A candle that burns brightly quickly goes out.” Real men are attracted to fewer details, but not more… Yes, a woman should show her curves off, but she does not need to demonstrate every inch of it. “Unwrapping a gift” often excites much more than the gift itself.

Consider yourself a gift of fate, and then a man will believe it. Self-confidence and self-worth will convince him that you are amazing. If you start to show your addiction, it repels the man. However, if there is something he cannot get, a man will go crazy until he gets it.

Another mistake that women often make. They often humiliate themselves… You must know your own worth and never reduce it to please a man. Men like to pull the blanket over themselves. This gives them confidence in their own abilities.

It is man’s nature that he always checks the water to see how far he can go into it. The foundations of relationships are laid from the first day. From the very beginning, he consciously (Yes, consciously) tries to find out what the borders of this relationship are and how much he can get from them.

Every woman of that type knows what she wants, but does not compromise to get it. Moreover, she remains feminine, like a “steel Magnolia” – a flower on the outside, but steel is the inside. She uses femininity to her advantage. She does not deceive men and plays fair game. She has one quality that “good girls” lack: a rational mind. She doesn’t indulge in romantic fantasies.

Bitches that I’m talking about are not the heroines of Joan Collins’s novels and they are not any classic office bitches who hate all of their colleagues. The women I describe are kind but strong. They have power, however it is small. They don’t put their lives in the wrong hands, they don’t hunt for a man.

Love Commands by Scott Foster

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