Manifestation Power

By | September 10, 2018

James Smith author of the Manifestation Power bookMany experts on esoterica, psychologists, and even scientists in some cases, state that every wish will come true if “you competently request the Universe.” I am pleased to present you a new book “The Manifestation Power” by James Smith. With its help you can make the universe to give whatever you want. For sceptics, here are a few obvious laws of the universe. Building Act – thought creates everything. Knowing this law, you can create everything consciously controlling your thoughts and directing them in the right direction. You can start creating a desirable, but not as necessary. Implementation Act – every thought has the right to be implemented. If you are pleased with your thoughts, you let them be realized. Do not interfere with your doubts. Everything has to be right! The Law of Time – we have time to slow down or cancel implementation of born ideas.

By the way that is why the time exists. In connection with the development of the universe, the length of time for cancellation embodiment thoughts shrinking with each passing day. Very well, that is the length of time before the incarnation of your thoughts. Imagine if every thought of yours was performed instantly? So that, if you start thinking about something bad, quickly change the thinking in the desired direction, as long as you have time. Act of the Freedom of Choice – everyone has the right to think what he wants, and thus create what he wants. No rating, no rules, no restrictions … complete freedom of choice. Do you want to be filled with your desires? Let and do not condemn the desires of others. If you do not allow others to wish, you automatically forbid yourself to do it either. Area Act – not a single other’s idea or someone else’s creation should enter into your life without your mental permission. All that you see, is created or allowed only by you!

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