The Menopause Myth

Nobody likes getting older. As a woman, however, there’s nothing worse than recognizing the damage that Father Time is wreaking on our skin, our bodies, our confidence, and our ability to just relax, let go, and have fun – and almost all of us are dreading the day that menopause rolls around and robs us of the last bit of our youth that we were able to hold onto.

Most women are familiar with just how much of milestone menopause is supposed to be. This is when our bodies “flip the switch”, our biochemistry essentially rewrites itself, and we end up losing a lot of our skin elasticity, add on pound after pound of unsightly fat faster than we ever thought possible, and just don’t have the shape, the confidence, or the energy that we use to have pre-menopause.

But what if I told you that menopause was nothing more than a myth for some women and that those ladies never EVER have to deal with any of the negative side effects that menopause inevitably brings to the table with it? Sound too good to be true? We get that. But we are here to tell you that it’s possible to completely reprogram your body from top to bottom, not only to avoid menopause altogether but to actually reverse the negative impact of menopause completely if you’ve already gone through this bodily transformation.

Take advantage of The Menopause Myth system and you’ll be able to effortlessly transform your body back into the youthful, energetic, thin, and sexy form you enjoyed when you were younger – literally rolling back the clock, beating Father Time, all while looking and feeling years and years younger at the same time!

Not only are you going to get step-by-step tips and tricks to help you rearrange your nutrition, your daily exercise routine, and implement a handful of daily habits that will eliminate menopause from your life once and for all when you get your hands on cracker program, but you’re also going to be able to enjoy:

  • The Thyroid Jumpstart Solution that speeds up your metabolism almost overnight
  • The Happy Hour Handbook that walks you through an all-natural solution to feeling happy and energized all the time
  • The Ice Your Hot Flashes manual that eliminates hot flashes from your life once and for all

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

The Menopause Myth by Sue Heintze

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