Multi-Orgasmic Lover

By | November 6, 2018

Any woman can have multi orgasm. To do this, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the procedure described in The Multi-Orgasmic Lover training by Jim Benson. It all started with me reading in one article that the floating, irregular rhythms of the music, such as jazz, can significantly increase the likelihood of female orgasm. I decided to test this theory and bring it to perfection by extending the principle of irregularities on all my senses. Acquired colour music (set it up so that it erupted mainly with orange – red range). I bought on the internet a scent synthesizer that can play specially flavoured plates and put it under the bed. Also I got a flash for the dance floor and set it up so that it flashed very rarely – only when the music reaches the highest frequencies. By the way, one of the men’s mistakes is that they try to adjust to the woman.

Remember, woman wants to be driven. The important thing are not rhythmic moves like a sewing machine, but trying to keep rhythm all the time a little out of time – but at the same time subjecting these fluctuations are of the highest order … And the results amazed me. I struggled in the throes of orgasmic spasms … unrestrained orgasms hit me from Bengal geysers, choking on their own madness … It was like as if I’d lose my virginity, but not really, – on a spiritual level. My mind in a strange way has changed for the better. I became as a silk. However, in this method, there are few secrets … Maybe try to guess? I think it is not necessary to guess. It is better to take Jim Benson’s program. Download now via the link on this page and discover the mysteries of the unknown today.


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