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If you are still thinking that seductive conversation can be full of a passionate whisper, outspoken phrases or platitudes, you are still very far from the fine art of seduction with words. If you already know the power of ambiguous phrases and you use them when you talk with an object of your passion, that means you are a little bit closer to your goal. I think that you have already heard that all the people can be divided into visual, audial and kinesthetic – those who see better through visual images, sounds, and touch, respectively.

So, the trick of your sexual speech is to make your male companion imagine some pleasant bodily sensations – like if he could touch you, like if how could feel your affection. Arouse thoughts about sex, without telling anything “spicy”. This method of men seduction described in detail in the book Obsession Phrases. Basing on my own experience I can tell you that you can reach astonishing results.

How to seduce a man with special words

When you are in your own territory, transform yourself into a good host, giving silent orders directly into his subconscious – enter, take a touch, pat, etc. – this will adjust his brain to be ready for bodily sensations.

You can get an amazing effect by using phrases, which can be understood as normal and sexual phrases at the very same time: “Let’s start our work! (draw up a report)”, “We need to order a pizza when we finish (cleaning)”.

You can use one really old method of men seduction – by making half-sigh half-moan with the words “Oh God, how good!”, substituting, for example, your face in front of the fan or drinking juice or in any other pleasant situation (one sexual moan is more than enough because too many moans will look ridiculous).

The main word for any adult person is his or her name, uttered with the right intonation, without irony, without pressure and not warped into the manner of the nickname.

Remember that as seductive compliment you can use recognition of the physical beauty and strength of a man, but you need to follow the rule of “praise only visible thing”, e.g. you can talk about his mighty arms only when you see them, for example, when your guy rolled up his sleeves and helped you to move something heavy.

A compliment with the strongest sexual overtones is the one about restlessness and stamina of a man; if you can use it in the right way, be sure you have him in your bed.

An easy way to flirt on the phone

It’s a really great opportunity when your guy calls you when you are at home. Tell him some intimate details occasionally, e.g. you can’t take your notebook, because you are in the bath full of foam or apologize and sheepishly admit that currently you are putting on your stockings (skirt, or “something”) or tell that you’ve just finished the shower and your hair is still wet.

It’s not really difficult to seduce a guy, which you have already met, by using your phone, because you don’t have to be innocent. Describe your underwear, tell him that it’s really tight or that you are still thinking about his arms, lips or something like that. Be simple and honest and that will help you in the realization of your plans.

By using such words and phrases variations you can attract the sexual fantasy of every man. He will get clear or hidden (it depends on his intelligence and mood at the moment) signal for more close contact, therefore he can choose, whether he wants to get into your bed, whether he wants to leave. I have to tell that if you do everything correctly, no one will choose the second option. You can know how to do it right, by reading Kelsey’s guide.

Obsession Phrases by Kelsey Diamond

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