Penguin Method

Ladies! Do you want boys to think about you and chase you? Do you want to find an individualized approach to make your desired man think about you all the time and really chase you? I will tell you what you need to do in order to make this happen.

The following information that is written here should help. However, using the methodology described in Samantha Sanderson’s book “Penguin Method” you will be able to make any boy or man fall deeply in love with you. While this guide is downloading, read the following helpful suggestions.

Don’t be clingy. Flirt with him, but don’t be clingy. Do the following: appear and then suddenly disappear. He will certainly be thinking about you! Text him periodically. You can write to him every morning, so that suddenly, slowly, it will turn into a tradition. And then, stop writing.

Then, he will think, “Why didn’t she write me anything this morning?” and he will be forced to “chase” after you… Meet him at the entrance to his workplace. Or, walk him home, as though you are ”accidentally” going to a place close to where he is going.

He will certainly be forced to think about you. You can hint at, or straight up tell him to meet you and/or walk you home! Do everything very carefully, so he doesn’t suspect that you have something ”special” planned for him. Find out what places around town your “man” likes and visit them often!

Try accidentally meeting him at these places. When he thinks about these places, he should also think about you! Call out emotions in your man! Hopefully, positive emotions! The emotions need to be memorable. Then the boy will think about ( and remember) you.

Don’ be stylish, be pretty! Don’t hide the attractive parts of your body, don’t be ashamed of or embarrassed by it! A dropped neckline and a short skirt isn’t vulgar. Just remember the limits and he will remember you. Do good and light deeds to his relatives, acquaintances, and friends.

How can he forget these deeds? Tell him some of your funny stories or jokes. He will repeat your humorous tales and think about you. Surprise him with your outlook on life, your interests, and hobbies. All of this needs to definitely impress him!

Present him with a wonderful and sparkling view of who you are. He won’t forget it. Carefully flirt with his friends and acquaintances. This will make him jealous and draw out a bunch of other emotions. He will start remembering and thinking about you and consciously and unconsciously start chasing after you.

Tell him you dream about him. He will start thinking about how ( and why) this is happening. He won’t just be thinking about you but will start expecting to dream about you. Say phrases that will intrigue him, like “we’ll see each other soon” and “I’ll still see you”.

Penguin Method by Samantha Sanderson

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