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There are a number of “folk sayings” and rituals, that supposedly guarantee to conceive a child of a certain sex. Most experts believe that these methods are absolutely useless, and any positive results – just accidents, psychologically caused or intuitively predicted by the future parents. Stubborn statistics do not give the green light to any of the “folk” methods that help with sex planning. But do not get discouraged! With the help of Alicia Pennington’s book Plan My Baby aka Prince or Princess? you can easily plan the sex of your baby!

If we combine all the methods we get the following instructions:

To conceive a boy you must in even years of your life plan conception during the odd months or in odd years of your life plan conception during the even months (month’s number can be divided by 2), you should have sex at night, when there is a crescent in the sky rather than the full moon, there should be no precipitation.

The bedroom should be cool, you should open the window,  lay with your head to the north,   and put some “male” attribute under the pillow- such as a toy gun, car, at worst – a can of beer. Couples, where the husband loves his wife more than she loves him, have more chances to conceive a son.

During intercourse, the man should reach orgasm before the woman and after sex, it is recommended for the future parents to stay awake for a while. Before the important night for at least three weeks a woman should eat mainly meat and fish products, with the exception of crab, shrimp, and caviar, fresh and dried fruits, potatoes, mushrooms, tea, coffee, and skip the milk and milk products, as well as bread and egg yolks. All the meals have to be salted, don’t be afraid to use canned products.

To conceive a girl the year and the month of the beginning of pregnancy must be both either even or odd. The day should be rainy, phase of the moon – full moon. You should have sex in the evening, in a room, painted in pink tones, you should be laying with your head to the south, and put a pink ribbon under the pillow.

Windows should be closed, and the air in the room should be scented with perfume or deodorant. The girls are guaranteed to those couples where the wife demonstrates great sexual activity and loves her husband more than he loves her.

To conceive girl compliance with dairy diet really helps, also fish, bread, carrots, cucumbers, a verity of greens are allowed, consumption of dried fruit and meat should be limited, carbonated water, salt, and spices should be avoided. The future father’s genitals should be warmed up with warm underwear to reduce the activity of male germ cells.

All of these methods are quite absurd and have no scientific background to them, but with a strong faith in them, perhaps, they can be somewhat effective. As far as compliance with the described above diets you should be especially careful, since none of them are balanced and complete, which may adversely affect the health of the mother and a child.

Plan My Baby by Alicia Pennington

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