Popcorn Business Guide

Have you tried to make money online and failed? Many people try to make money but use programs that simply don’t work. You are promised big dollars but the “system” doesn’t work because the product isn’t in demand or everyone else is selling it.

To make money you need a product that everyone likes such as a food product. This is why working with Colorado Gourmet Kettle Corn is a good idea because popcorn is something almost everyone likes to eat.

The Program

Consumers in the U.S. eat around 17 billion quarts of popcorn a year. That is a lot of popcorn and a lot of money. It’s easy to see that you could make money selling popcorn. With Popcorn Business Guide you get:

  • Well research business plan so you make money right away
  • Business forms
  • A packet to help you setup fundraising
  • Six helpful videos on suppliers, making popcorn, marketing your business, and more
  • Templates to make your own labels
  • Everything delivered in one handy zip file

Complete System

This system will get you up and running with your own popcorn business so you can make money right away. If you have failed to start an Internet business before, give this program a try as it has everything you need for success.

The first, and I believe most important thing to get right in your mind about taking your venture to the high street is to remember that very few businesses enjoy overnight success and those that do rarely if ever survive. So make sure you allow yourself sufficient time to grow your business to a profitable stage.

I met someone recently who told me that they were about to open up their own shop selling something that I believe is already available, indeed is over-supplied on the high street. They told me that they expected to take a personal salary of six hundred dollars a week pretty much immediately. When I questioned their figures and their idea they got quite annoyed and at this point, I wished I had simply nodded and smiled.

I’m not a betting woman, but I would wager my home that this business will fail within its first three months. So how can I be so sure of this? Well, I managed to glean from this person that the product they were intending to sell would retail at $1.75. Even assuming a rather generous profit margin of 50% (which is rare, indeed very rare, in any retail market), they would earn a gross profit of 87 c on every product they sell.

So to earn six hundred dollars a week from their business they would need to sell 1,044 of these things every week to give them this return, plus a further however many of these to cover shop rent, rates, light, heat, machinery costs (as the product involves their being made in the shop), raw materials, stock, and so on.

Popcorn Business Guide by Colorado Gourmet Kettle Corn

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