Pure Reiki Healing Mastery

The system of natural healing Reiki is one of the oldest and the most well-known today. It is based on the transfer of universal life energy that creates and sustains all living things in the Universe. Reiki is an effective holistic method of healing that works on all levels of being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Reiki can guide, support and lead every person. Reiki supports all that we do and gently leads us along our path; we face only the tasks that we can perform.

Features of the Reiki method

Reiki is based on basic knowledge of Taoist energy practices and other methods of natural healing. In fairness I want to note that Slavic, African, Chinese, Tibetan, Australian, Indian and other traditions of healing in many ways are similar and intertwined with Reiki, as they are based on an ancient knowledge of the unity of man with the Universe, which is reflected in the culture of each nation in its own way.

The basics of Reiki techniques, as well as many other methods of self-healing,  are breathing exercises, practices on concentration and deep relaxation, energy practices. Reiki meditation is included in the exercise system of Reiki also. The difference between Reiki teachings from many others is that relatively speaking, a person gets access to the source of Reiki, which is the energy of life, through initiation.

The master, having knowledge of using a certain technique, which is called differently — initiation, set-up, empowerment, “conducts” the disciple to a channel of the universal life energy. From the first day of training, a person becomes a “conductor” and his hands are a “tool” for the transmission of Reiki energy.

In the stream of Reiki Light, he can perform meditations and different techniques of harmonization and filling the vital forces; he can purify himself and his living space, learn to send healing energy to all living beings.

In order to receive and transmit Reiki healing energy to other people, a person doesn’t need years of practice to achieve certain skills. However it is not necessary to simplify things, only with regular practice, you can gain skill and become a good conductor of Reiki, the energy of life.

The mystery of Reiki healing is meditation. Reiki Meditation is the practice of concentration on breathing and working with energy that occurs in the sensations of the body. Reiki meditation is simple, but to preserve youth, a vivacity of spirit for many years, keep you in good physical shape, to deepen and extend your natural talents and abilities, it is necessary to conduct it regularly.

The basics of Reiki are ingenious simplicity and accessibility for all adults and children. Regardless of gender, age and religion you can become a conductor of the life energy of Reiki.

It is independent of religions, beliefs, traditions, philosophies, etc. like light, like air or water. Reiki Light transforms in us anything that is not peculiar to the natural health and harmonious state of any person living on the Earth. It is natural to be healthy, beautiful and creative individuals. It is unnatural to be sick and miserable.

Do you want to study the system of Reiki healing thoroughly? Then you cannot do without the program by Owen Coleman. This course is the best on the subject of Reiki. Teaching Reiki is primarily a path of self-knowledge, spiritual development, and as a result, in the process, you’ll get an understanding of yourself, understanding of the problems of others and desire to help them.

Healing with Reiki is one of the components of the system, although not all practitioners become healers. This system opens different opportunities of development for every person.

Pure Reiki Healing Mastery by Owen Coleman

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