Reading Head Start

Why does a child need to read? The answer, in general, is clear: in order to navigate the ocean of ​​diverse information, to study in a good school and generally become an educated person. Therefore it is an understandable desire of parents to teach their child this very important matter. But how? The answer is simple – the guide by Sarah Shepard. This manual for teaching children to read is now one of the most efficient ones in the world. Be sure to download it!

Previously, it was much easier — there was blue ABC with a huge orange letter A on the cover, and millions of boys and girls (who at 3, who is 5, who at seven years old) mastered their knowledge using immortal texts about a mother, who was washing the frame. But these boys and girls have grown up and become parents themselves. And then it turned out, that times have changed.

And there were a variety of ways to teach a child to read. Young parents, fearing of “no time”, rushing from one technique to another, from one specialist to another. The child is starting to rush with their parents too. Early learning to read is a relatively new phenomenon in our lives. There’re no “further” results so far because it came to the US only in the last decade. However, the first alarming things already began to appear.

Psychologists say that children who start learning to read too early, have problems in social development. Relatively speaking, it is very difficult for kids to fit into the children’s collective. And not because they are intellectually “above” their peers. But because their social skills are not established yet – at the time when they were supposed to form, the brain was busy with another matter: learning how to read and write. So, it’s better not to start teaching children under a year old how to read.

Reading Head Start Program by Sarah Shepard

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