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Do you want to make a shed with your own hands? No problem! After a few minutes, you will get thousands of plans that will help you to realize your dream. Arrangement of any suburban area begins with the construction of a shed – a building that is required for storage of construction materials, firewood and other household equipment.

Building a shed with your own hands is a simple and feasible task, which any owner who understands construction even a little can realize. As the shed is not a temporary building and is a multifunctional structure that can be used not only to store useful things but also for the keeping of domestic livestock, you should carefully consider the location of this future building.

To facilitate the work first make a plan-scheme indicating the locations of future buildings. For the construction of a shed many owners allocate far from the main area, so it was hidden from prying eyes. Some are of the opinion that the shed must be placed closer to the house so that at any time they had access to it.

For the purpose of the rational use of the territory for the placement of the shed, you should select dimly lit by the sun plot of the territory, which is considered the least suitable for growing crops and for other agricultural works.

When selecting a location for placement of the shed you should focus on the location of other areas of the plot, dimensions of the erected building and its appearance. Before you start constructing the shed, you should consider the shape, size, and appearance of the future buildings.

The appearance of the buildings can be any, from a simple small house without windows and only one door, and ending with unusual designs, which in addition to the direct purpose can act as a decorative element of landscape design. In order to choose a shed plan that suits you, download Ryan Henderson’s book Ryan Shed Plans. More than 12 thousand different plans of wooden structures will not leave you indifferent if you like to build with your own hands.

Building with your own hands is always cheaper at times. Needless to say, that if you refuse the services of masters, cracks, sagging and even collapse of the wall can happen because of your inexperience. After all, if you are interested, you have no experience in construction at all, or it is minimal.

But the shed is a utility structure so that a couple of cracks will become even your motivator for the first time. You will want to understand where you made mistakes, what you did wrong so that in the future not to repeat these mistakes. Using Ryan’s plans, you can experiment even a lifetime!

As you know, the easiest and most reliable method of construction is frame basis. Frame shed can be constructed even without foundation, just setting the frame on wide bars or blocks so that the bottom is not rotten. The weight of the structure is small, and if the angle will sink, it will be easy to lift with a lever and put something under it.

Considering the strength of the wood, the frame will not crack or deform. To start the construction of your first shed tomorrow, download Ryan’s manual now. It is enough to sit idle. It’s time to do something useful in your life. Thank you!

Ryan Shed Plans by Ryan Henderson

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