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Say, have you ever seen a fat yogi? I am sure no one has ever seen such a sight. If a person does yoga regularly for several years, any type of yoga, not just yoga intended for weight loss and figure correction, then that person is most certainly slim, tucked, and gracefully muscular.

They are also healthy, energetic, and at peace. He lives in harmony with himself, his body, psyche, and the world around him. Do you want to become a person similar to this? Then you most certainly need to download the book “Shapeshifter Yoga”. With the help of this guide, you will definitely better your figure and lose weight.

How does yoga help you lose weight? At first glance, it may seem that performing static exercises and meditations can’t really burn off the extra fat and uncountable calories that have been collecting in your body for years. However, this is a completely false impression. By joining those, who’ve already downloaded Kris Fondran’s program, you can test this on yourself. Just try this program to see firsthand that yoga really does work.

The usefulness of yoga has already been proven by many official studies. On the one hand, burning calories at an average yoga lesson at a fitness club or yoga center are substantially inferior to aerobic exercises. For example, a person weighing 68 kg burns only 150 calories an hour at a yoga lesson, but the same person can burn 311 calories walking for an hour at a pace of 4.8 km/hr.

On the other hand, it has been proven that if you perform a special yoga pose routine, specially made for losing weight and figure correction, for an hour, you can burn up to 400 calories. This is the same amount that would have been burned if you ran for 40 minutes. But cardio training is always stressful for your body. Doing yoga has the opposite effect, it reduces stress.

It is important to note that constant stress has the potential to lead to undesired weight gain. There is enough stress in the life of a city dweller: the high temp of city life, constant sleep deprivation, chronic exhaustion… It turns into a closed circle: depression is often tied to excess body weight.

It is very easy to compensate for all of these problems with food, and many people eat when they’re depressed. Yoga calms the mind and balances the emotions. As a result, the creation of cortisol, the stress hormone, in the body is decreased. Cortisol practically forces the body to accumulate fat, especially in the middle part of the body.

Basically, when we talk about yoga in terms of slimming or figure correction, we don’t just talk about losing weight. We talk about destroying your tendency toward gaining weight. Yoga masters say that weight gain is the direct result of a physical, mental, and emotional energy imbalance. Doing yoga returns this balance.

Shapeshifter Yoga by Kris Fondran

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