Skin Whitening Forever

The complexion is very important for the overall impression of lightness and a well-groomed appearance, but it is so difficult to achieve. Bad habits make it yellow, diseases of internal organs make it gray, excessive tanning make it red and chocolaty, and problems with blood vessels make it spotty.

Therefore, at some point there comes a problem as to how to whiten skin, so that it has an acquired smooth, healthy, and beautiful color. It turns out that this can easily be done, even at home. The best way to whitening skin is described in the book Skin Whitening Forever. My friend with the help of Eden Diaz’s guide lightened her skin to such an extent that I did not recognize her!

Why whiten your skin?

The causes of the deterioration facial skin color may differ, but at what point do you need to sound the alarm so you can whiten your skin quickly and effectively? You should consider lightening up your skin if:

  • you have a large number of age spots that ruin your appearance
  • it just so happens that you have not calculated the amount of exposure to the sun and tanning turned out too dark for morbid beauty, as if the skin had scorched
  • your skin is very dark as if you have just arrived from a sun-filled vacation
  • complexion has become gray or yellow
  • after some certain cosmetic treatments

All of this is really ruins your outer appearance of the face and forces you to seriously think how to whiten skin and make it look more presentable and well maintained. Before you rush to the salon, you can, for starters, use home remedies and methods.

Means for skin whitening at home

To whiten your skin at home, you’ll need herbs (both in fresh and in dried forms), essential oils and conventional food items. There are a number of proven tools and techniques on how to bring your complexion in order and make it bright, smooth and beautiful. You can try different methods and focus on the one that suits you most and will maximize the effect.


A whitening pack is a gauze cloth soaked in plenty of active substance (yogurt, herbal infusion, lemon juice, etc.) Applied to the face for 10-15 minutes. These packs can be applied two times a week.

Herbal lotions

Want to know how you can specifically whiten the skin? Make infusions of herbs such as yarrow, licorice, dandelion, parsley and bearberry to wipe your face twice a day as the results will not take long.


From the same herbs that have been indicated for the preparation of infusions, but they have to be fresh and some of the products can be a very effective lotion if you need to whiten a specific area of your face (eg, forehead or post-acne). It can be used for a day.

Whitening mask

If you do not know how to quickly whiten your skin in record time, it’s time to seek help from a homemade mask, which effectively solves this problem. They are easy to prepare, have an almost immediate effect and stunning results.

Essential oils

In the whitening recipe, you can add 3-4 drops of essential oils of anti-pigment: birch, oregano, turmeric, mint, patchouli, black pepper, rosemary, sandalwood, and eucalyptus.

Choose the methods that you can use on a regular basis and will be available at any time to refresh the skin, tone it and get rid of brown spots, which are often terrible for the complexion.

Skin Whitening Forever by Eden Diaz

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