Slash High Blood Pressure

Having high blood pressure can be followed by ischemia, a heart attack, angina, stroke, and memory disorders. Having a high bottom pressure can lead to kidney failure. This is exactly why having to lower a high blood pressure needs to be a priority, don’t allow yourself a high tonometer reading. It’s good if you have medicine to do so, but what if you don’t?

Thankfully there is a natural method of lowering blood pressure that doesn’t require medications. Actually, a unique method for lowering blood pressure has been developed, called “Slash Your Blood Pressure To Safer Levels“. The link to download Todd Grant’s book is located at the bottom of the page.

One of the ways is to place a vinegar compress on the bottom of your feet. You can use a table or apple vinegar, soak a cloth napkin, and place it on the bottom of your feet for 5-10 minutes. This is usually enough to lower your blood pressure. However, you might not have any vinegar in your home. In this case, take a hot shower, directing the stream of water on your nape and neck.

If you have high blood pressure, do not take a bath under any circumstances. You can also create a bath for your hands – lower your hands into water that is warmer than 37 degrees Celsius, and gradually increase the temperature, adding hot water, until it is about 45 degrees. Keep your hands in the hot water for ten minutes. This procedure isn’t permanent, you need to repeat it every day for twenty days.

Those who suffer from high blood pressure need to train themselves to drink two cups of warm water, about 25 degrees Celsius or higher, every morning before breakfast. This procedure will help stabilize your blood pressure. In order to reduce high blood pressure attacks, remove salty dishes from your diet, along with smoked food, and reduce your salt intake to a minimum.

High blood pressure is evidence of the fact that, along with blood in our arteries, there is more than a usual amount of liquid in your veins. Because of these people who suffer from a high blood pressure drink diuretic medications in order to lower it.

But salt has an uncanny ability to keep water in the body, not letting the body get rid of the excess. You only need about 1 teaspoon of salt a day, and reducing the amount of salt in your body can lower your blood pressure in a matter of weeks. We don’t just mean the salt you put into dishes while cooking; salt is contained in a lot of the popular snack foods of today, including crackers, chips, nuts, bread, smoked foods, pickled foods, and cheeses.

People who have learned to live without overconsuming salt have successfully replaced the salt with herbs or spices that they use to flavor food. You can use parsley, garlic, oregano, basilisk, and marjoram. Garlic is the champion or lowering blood pressure.

Slash Your High Blood Pressure by Todd Grant

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