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Hello dear friends! The topic of saving energy bothers me no matter what. And I continue to search for all known ( and still unknown) ways to do this effectively. Today I want to share with you what I learned myself and what I want to apply. Of course, some of these methods are obvious, and many of them have been used for a long time, but, nevertheless, I decided to compile all the extracted information and submit it in a short statement on the careful consumption of electricity.

By the way, if you download the book Smart Solar Box by Ryan Tanner, you will learn a lot more. Omniscient statistics says that the coverage in the United States spends 14% of all electricity generated. But do we always use wisely and without any harm to ourselves this incredible amount of extra energy? How to learn to do it correctly? These simple tips can help you with it.

Use electric light as little as possible. No, no, of course, I did not ask you to get back to prehistoric times when people held only the daily life (although it is certainly useful for our health: doctors have proven that active nocturnal and artificial light leads to chronic fatigue, depression, and exacerbation of chronic diseases).

Do not forget that the level of ambient light is influenced by the extent to which highly polluted lighting is. It is clear that the ceiling in the kitchen, which is not washed for several months, is covered with a layer of dust and grease, and transmitting light will be very bad (I myself wipe my chandeliers, ceiling lights much less frequently than it’s necessary). While clean lighting is much better for illuminating the room, and, therefore, you can use bulbs of lower power

Do not forget to clean the windows. Natural lighting and sunlight are not only postponed on time lighting but will warm up your room during the cold season.

For example, the combined light can be used in the lighting of the room: do not turn on all light bulbs in the chandelier at the same time or turn on in combination: table lamp (lamp) and 1-2 bulbs of the chandelier (I do this often when working at the desk).

The energy savings can be helped by modern energy-saving devices: Dimmers (rotary dimmers that smoothly change the level of illumination), motion sensors, impulse relays, digital switches. Built-in automatic shut-off light works effectively in the entrance to the house.

Use energy saving light bulbs (compact fluorescent, LED). And, the simplest one – turn off the light when leaving the room (in fact, it’s probably the most difficult – there is a permanent “war” in the house because everybody forgets to turn off the light).

If you make a gradual replacement of light bulbs, it’s best to start with the rooms where the light bulbs work for a long time. In addition, a period of work is very influenced by frequent power surges, high or, conversely, very low temperature. Please note that some energy-saving lamps (fluorescent) can not be used in devices with adjustable brightness.

These tips are simple enough. But the system presented in Ryan’s manual can help you save hundreds of dollars on electricity per month. Moreover, you get an independent source of power! This means that you will constantly have access to electricity. I do not want to go into the technical details of the process of obtaining electricity from Ryan’s book, but if you’re handy with the technique, then you will succeed. In his guide, everything is explained very clearly: what and how to do it. After reading, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its quality. Wish you luck!

Smart Solar Box by Ryan Tanner

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