Strong Men Stay Young

An adult man at the peak of his age is quite successful as others think, and suddenly falls into depression or quits a great job, or suddenly changes the scope of his work, etc. Therefore, makes completely unpredictable actions. And, to understand him, as usual, are not able even the dearest or closest people, or colleagues, or friends, even they themselves – unless they already experience something like this before.

And, of course, a therapist. We are talking about the middle age crisis,  how it’s often called. In order for a man to be able to go through it, I recommend you to study Carolyn Hansen’s program (PDF and Audio Files).  Often this crisis is coming together with depression, feeling of being down. Men imagine that he got trapped in work or marriage.

The stability, material prosperity and family that he got suddenly lose their value.  The feeling of unfair life appears together with the wish of whatever is it. He is taken over by the feeling of not feeling good in life, that he deserves more. Work is considered to be a routine, family life has lost its spark while the number of friends has decreased, and it all got grey.

It’s worth mentioning that compared to the professional and creative crises here it appears from an empty place. Any human in a period of crisis experience the change of a circle, value orientation, tastes, and likes. In the US this is usually called “the manifest of 40-years old.” If you reached 40 years and feel that something is getting wrong, then it’s time to change something. The best you can do right now is to read this new book and implement in your life all tips and tricks from Carolyn. You have at least 40 years more to enjoy your life.

Strong Men Stay Young by Carolyn Hansen

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