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Testosterone is the main male hormone. It plays one of the main roles in the formation of “masculine” parts of the external appearance and the attitude of a man. When people say “true male” they want to say “his testosterone is over the limit”. It provides its owner with developed muscles, increased confidence in himself and his actions, sharp and fast mindset in any situation (even the most unexpected one).

According to many recent studies, when a man reaches 30 years old, the level of his testosterone is starting to decrease slowly, but constantly. There is no need to tell where such decrease can lead. You perfectly understand it yourself.

How can one prevent the decrease of the testosterone level? There any many very efficient medical ways, but we have no right to discuss them, because such thing can be done only after strict examination and 100% approval of an expert.

Anyway, in order to prevent such situations it may be useful to check some more convenient, natural and safe methods of testosterone level maintenance and increasing. Today we are offering you nine easy ways, which will help you to increase your testosterone level. By the way, the “T-Surge: 24 Hour Testosterone Transformation Plan Solution” book contains a unique method of testosterone boosting in just 24 hours! This book is simply obligatory for every man.

  1. Get rid of excessive kilograms

According to statistics, those with excessive weight have lower levels of testosterone, which is caused by excessive kilograms (like a vicious circle). When one gets rid of those kilograms, he increases the level of testosterone, which gives an amazing positive effect in combination with the overall improvement of the body’s state.

  1. Intense training + intermittent fasting

Combination of short but intense training sessions and intermittent (periodical) fasting causes male testosterone growth and prevents its decreasing. At the same time, according to the studies, men, which prefer continuous aerobic workouts, don’t show growth of the mentioned hormone. There’s an unlimited amount of such intense training sessions variations. At the beginning you can choose something like this:

  1. Thorough warming – 3 minutes (obligatory!)
  2. Maximally hard and intense pace during a 30-second repetition (make it until your muscles almost fail)
  3. 90 seconds for relaxation.
  4. Repeat sections 2 and 3 seven times.

As you can see, such workout takes only 20 minutes (where 75% are taken by relaxation and restoration, while the intense work takes just 4 minutes), but it gives astonishing results. Important thing: pay enough attention to your warming. If you start to work out immediately, you may get serious injuries. You need to warm your body up, stretch it and make it flexible. Such tactics are also great as for high variety of exercise machines, workouts with barbell and dumbbell, as well as for running and swimming. Intermittent (periodical) fasting adjusts your hormonal background, increases production of higher testosterone volumes and fat burning speed. Unfortunately, continuous fasting causes totally opposite effect, decreasing your testosterone level, however, you can add special protein shakes into your diet, drinking them after each workout. Combination of mentioned methods gives a marked effect, giving more fit and muscled body as a nice bonus.

  1. Keep consuming enough zinc

Proper amount of zinc in your diet is also an important factor for testosterone level increasing. Numerous studies are showing that a person with low level of testosterone shows significant increase in just six weeks, after adding a proper amount of zinc in his diet. Proper amount of zinc in your diet is important not only to increase the level of testosterone, but to maintain it. When a man doesn’t have required amount of zinc in the diet, he shows an immediate decrease of the testosterone level.

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