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If you are determined to change your body beyond recognition – to lose weight or gain muscle mass, but do not know where to start and what to be prepared to, the following valuable tips will help you in this. But first, be sure to download the training program TACFIT Warrior by Scott Sonnon & Steven Barners. You will achieve perfect harmony in the construction of the figure of your dreams, as well as strengthening your spirit.

The technique has a paramount importance

Once you mastered the correct technique of the exercise, you can increase the load every week (add the weight of the bar, dumbbells, etc.) and gradually load the muscles. Many gyms visitors immediately begin to add extra weight to the bar without having mastered the right technique, and, as a result, hurt muscles. When the exercise is properly mastered, you can start lifting weights and include training drop-sets, to maintain steady progress.

Weight reduction during study technology is seen as a huge “step back”, but in fact, it is the opposite. By correcting technique when performing squats, presses lying or deadlift, you can add weight every week, focusing on certain groups of muscles, and in the nearest future will notice the result, which you always wanted.

Exercise with a partner

Many consider training solely as a solitary activity. However, a good partner will make you work to failure, where you’ll be ready to give up, as well as insurance if you have taken too heavyweight. In addition, a healthy competition atmosphere has a strong motivating effect and spur you to lift much more weight and do a lot more reps than doing it alone. Also, you will be less likely to miss a workout, knowing that your partner is waiting for you in the gym, and his/her success will make you work harder not to be among the laggards.

Pick the right sports nutrition

Sports nutrition is an essential component of training, especially under extreme loads. Nutritional supplements in conjunction with a balanced diet and hard weight training will contribute to the progress of muscle mass, if taken before, during or after a workout. For example, the use of amino acids during training helps to reduce the breakdown of muscle protein, and whey or casein protein is an important element of the growth and regeneration of muscle tissue. Sports supplements prepare the body for super-strong stress and help the body and the muscles recover faster after each workout.

Alternate exercises

The same exercises and techniques are unlikely to be always productive. The body gets used to the same stress – that’s why training progress gradually slows down or even stops. To continue to achieve visible changes and prevent stagnation, it is necessary to force the body to constantly adapt to new stresses and thus to develop, which means – each time to set yourself new and more difficult tasks.

Try to change your exercise program more often to maintain good progress. Try to vary the exercises, change the pace and range of motion. If you are performing a bench press on a flat bench, try to do this exercise in a different way: do wide grip negative repetition or partial repetition in the upper part of the range of motion.

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TACFIT Warrior by Scott Sonnon

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