Tao of Badass

Not every guy knows how to actually learn to seduce girls. The whole reason is a misunderstanding about seduction or unwillingness to learn. Since the ability to seduce girls is not given at birth, one has to learn constantly. Those who hope that they know everything about seduction, fail at seducing women.

Therefore, everyone who really wants to learn how to effectively seduce girls should read and study the Tao of Badass. The author Joshua Pellicer tells the most important and really effective methods to seduce any girl. Read below a few of my personal dating tips for guys…

First, you need to decide what girls you like and better specifically choose the girl that you like more than others. Look at yourself, what you can give or offer this girl, it’s not necessarily your wealth. It can be your good sense of humor, beauty, perfect male character and more.

Before the seduction, examine the character and taste of the girl. The more information you will find out the better and more efficient seduction will be. Do not show how much you are interested in her, just be a researcher. Perhaps she’ll soon be interested in you also.

Skip to the action. Try for a start just to approach the girl and talk to her on various topics. If you have a good supply of jokes, be kidding. It is important that the girl’s attention was attracted to you only. If you notice that the girl is already interested in you, ask her to go somewhere in the week. If the girl refuses you, try to find out her contact details to contact her.

Try not to run after the girl, but seduce and attract her to make her think how to seduce a guy. Girls do not like it when you pay too much attention to them, maybe it’s not noticeable, and it seems that on the contrary, girls love a lot of attention, but they do not.

Try to do the opposite that the girl herself started to run and seduce you. Then the most important thing is playing a game with her a little. It is not necessary to immediately surrender the girl, do not be afraid that she will quit on you. If she is interested in you, she won’t quit on you.

For good and quality seduction, you need to do with your appearance. Try to be well-groomed and tastefully dressed. Girls love that the guy next to them was beautifully and neatly dressed.  And definitely make sure that you smell nice and fresh. It is best to be neatly trimmed and shaved. But if you have your own style, then try to look not too terrible for the girls.

Become confident. Girls love those guys who were not just self-confident and talkative; you need to be a defender for your girl. Girls like strong and brave guys. For a good seduction, it would be nice to be moderately muscular and look a little like a fighter. Don’t be too serious, but excessive attachment is also not needed.

Be natural, the way you are. So you will feel yourself easier and more comfortable with the girl, respectively, and she will feel the same also because she will notice that you don’t deceive her. You need to be braver because you can’t seduce a girl without it. Are you ready to become a master of seduction?

The Tao of Badass by Joshua Pellicer

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