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If you want to return your ex, you can significantly increase your chances if you know something about human’s psychology. One method which is described in the book Text Your Ex Back 2.0 is extremely effective and should be used really carefully. It’s based on human psychological mechanisms, which are imprinted in us from prehistoric times and many people are unconsciously guided by them in their lives.

This method is based on the following psychological principle. People want to have everything that they can’t have. There are several reasons why they want that can’t have.  Because if prehistoric people were happy with their hunting with sticks and sleeping under trees or in caves, our current world would never appear. We have something, but we always want to have more, which makes this method powerful and really effective.

How does it work? If you can just sit and think, you will understand that the main reason why your ex is rejecting you is that he or she knows that you want him or her more than he or she wants you. In any other case, it would be a mutual breakup without any further will from your side.

The main trick is to make your ex to think that you don’t want him or her anymore, that everything is over and you are just living your life and interests. It works on several layers:

  • Your ex will not understand why you don’t want him anymore.
  • He will try to understand how you could overcome your breakup so fast.
  • He wants to know if you date someone else.
  • He will have the instinct to chase you because you don’t belong to him anymore.
  • He is going to be offended by the fact that you are happy now and he is not.

Maybe your soul will try to refuse the mentioned methods because you really want to bring him back. But if you look at your problem strategically, you will understand why you need to act in a new and different manner.

So please, accumulate patience and endurance, and try to follow your new line of conduct. You will be satisfied in a while. This method is extremely simple, but sometimes it can be really hard to make simple things.

Write an SMS to your ex. Write to him that you accepted your breakup and decided to go further, bringing back the happiness of life and allowing yourself to make crazy things. Let him know that you are happy, but not too much. The main idea is to create a very short SMS, which ends in the most interesting place.

If you are watching TV-series, you know that every new episode ends in the most interesting place. That’s why you are waiting for a new episode. Use the very same principle. You need to call the same emotions by the end of your message.

And this is just your beginning. Support his or her “chase” impulse until your partner will ask you to restore your relations. I really recommend you to read Michael Fiore’s guide. It contains all the information about returning your second half with an SMS. It’s time to bring back someone who left you, once for all. Download the book right now.

Text Your Ex Back by Michael Fiore

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