The 2 Week Diet System

Do you think that overeating is the only factor that can cause sudden weight gain? You are wrong! Sometimes it is provoked by factors that are not related to our love for pastries or French fries. By the way, if you download the guide by Brian Flatt, you will discover a unique system of effective weight loss in just 14 days.

Do not miss this weight loss manual if you have problems with excess weight. Believe me, there is a solution. You just need to pull yourself together and follow the plan that will bring you the desired result.

There are many causes of weight gain. I must say that I will not discuss those cases when you honestly “ate” a half, two or even three extra pounds on vacation, under stress, or that you gained after a series of feasts. Let’s talk about the situations where you found out that you gained weight without changing your usual diet and lifestyle. The causes may be:

Fluctuations in the menstrual cycle

This is perhaps one of the most common and natural causes of weight gain. And what pleases is that this increase, in most cases, is “reversible” because it is due to the accumulation of fluid in the body, small amounts of fat and mineral salts. Weight naturally increases after ovulation, that is, from the 13th-15th day of the menstrual cycle. On the 26th-28th day, it usually reaches its climax.

If the pregnancy did not take place, the “extra” pound and a half will go by itself with the beginning of a new cycle. What to do? First, drink plenty of fluids to prevent swelling and dehydration. Second, do not succumb to the appetite’s provocations in the second half of the cycle. Are you attracted to sweet foods? Add more slow carbs to your diet.

Abuse of salty food

Your passion for foods that contain a lot of salt can also “cost” you a few extra pounds. Salt by itself may not lead to weight gain if we are talking about body fat percentage because it contains no calories. However, food with high salt content leads to water retention in the body, which in turn leads to weight gain, especially in people with disorders of water-salt balance. What to do? Limit salt intake to two grams a day – that is, according to nutritionists, our daily intake of this product.


Drugs prescribed to treat migraines, mood swings, diabetes, and hypertension, as well as hormonal agents can also make you gain a couple of extra pounds. Moreover, they can affect weight differently. Some drugs increase the appetite, others cause fluid retention, while others lead to a slow weight gain because of fatigue and low activity. What to do? You should not stop taking or prescribe yourself certain drugs even if you have noticed a serious weight gain.

Consumption of too many calories throughout the day

If you constantly overeat, then this will most likely lead to a rapid weight gain. What to do in this situation? Download Brian’s book and start changing your way of life. You will have to eat and do what is written in the system if you want to get rid of excess weight.

Do you really think that you can start eating properly and do sports? Unfortunately, this probably will not bring you the desired result. In order to lose weight, you need a detailed plan and a systematic approach. My belief in your success will be your motivation. Are you ready to become slim and fit? Then go ahead!

The 2 Week Diet System by Brian Flatt

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