The Code of Influence

Control of thoughts allows the individual to have and do whatever he wants, and working on the way he thinks can make him the happiest person. Control of thoughts is a complex process, including the daily practice of mastering the skill of changing one’s mind. By downloading this premium course, you will get access to a unique practical experience in this field from Paul Mascetta. This man has achieved high results in the field of psychology.

So dear readers, his guide deserves close attention. How to manage your own thoughts and create the desired reality? That is of interest to many people. Each thought is a link to a chain of causes and effects, and each of the links consists of three components – desire, thought and action. Desire inspires thought, and then the thought materializes into action. Action creates destiny.

The individual creates his own destiny with the power of thought. In the world of thought, a great law has power: like draws to like. Individuals with similar thinking are attracted to each other. A philosopher may be interested in the personality of another philosopher, a doctor will be drawn to another doctor, a loafer will find much in common with another loafer, and a loser will attract the same unlucky one to himself. Similar thoughts possess the “force of attraction”.

Each individual attracts to himself those thoughts, life forces, influences and conditions that are closest to him, and are related to his sphere of interests and hobbies. This law is always implemented, regardless of whether the person is aware of this or not. How to draw whatever you want into your life? By keeping any pleasant idea in the mind, one can attract to oneself what meets the basic quality of thought. Thus, the person takes control of his or her own life and depends on the order of distribution of his or her thoughts, which are pleasing to him or her.

The Code of Influence by Paul Mascetta

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