The Diabetes Loophole

Diabetes is a fairly common disease. But patients who just got sick and the parents of affected children feel very uncomfortable, not to say confused. Every new patient feels a sense of abandonment, confusion, and sometimes even anger. It becomes very difficult to get in touch with others, family conflicts arise, the difficulties associated with diabetes. This situation is created because people with diabetes and parents of a sick child often do not know how to behave when such a diagnosis was made. By the way, be sure to download the Diabetes Loophole  and the problem will be solved.

Do you even have a chance to get rid of the second type of diabetes, as the technique presented in this e-book is very effective? The current state system of care for patients with diabetes, unfortunately, can not always provide them with the peace of mind. And here comes to the aid this manual, written specifically for people with diabetes. Reed Wilson’s guide is exactly what you need!

A bit of history. Diabetes was known in ancient Egypt as early as the 170th year BC. Doctors have tried to find ways to treat it, but they didn’t know what was causing this disease; and people who become ill with diabetes, were doomed to destruction. This went on for many centuries. Only at the end of the last century, doctors conducted an experiment on the removal of the pancreas in dogs. After this operation, the animal developed diabetes. It seems that the cause of diabetes has become clear, but it took many years before in 1921 in Toronto, a young doctor and a medical student allocated a special substance of the dog’s pancreas.

It turned out that this substance reduces blood sugar levels in dogs with diabetes. This substance was named insulin. Already in January 1922, the first patient with diabetes began to receive insulin injections and it saved his life. Two years have passed since the discovery of insulin, and a young doctor from Portugal, who treated patients with diabetes, thought about the fact that diabetes is not just a disease but is a very special lifestyle. To learn it, the patient requires strong knowledge about the disease. That’s why I recommend you to download Reed’s manual.

What is diabetes? Try to answer this question for yourself. What primarily was offered to you by a doctor when you first turned to him for help? You might donate blood and urine analysis. And in the blood and urine, there’s a lot of sugar. Then it became clear that you have diabetes. In healthy individuals, blood sugar is in a rather strict limit, and in urine, there is none at all. In patients with diabetes, blood sugar is constantly increasing and at the same time, the sugar is excreted in the urine. Diabetes is chronically elevated blood sugar.

This is the definition given to this disease worldwide. Why? Because all the complications that diabetes has been “due to” the high level of blood sugar. If you learn to control your body so well that blood sugar is almost all the time remains at a normal level, diabetes will become a simple disease in a particular way of life.

The Diabetes Loophole by Reed Wilson

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