The Goldfish Method

How to deal with stress or laziness? Up to date, there’re enough methods proposed. Those are all kinds of motivational training, self-motivation, and self-promotion. You can, of course, cope with laziness once, twice, but it is likely that you’ll get eventually bored from regular pushing and encouraging. By the way, in the guide by Alan Russell, a unique method of dealing with stress and disorganization is presented. Be sure to download it! How does laziness appear?

Often, once a person begins to do something, he is attacked by inexplicable apathy, his will seemed to be paralyzed. He has the feeling that his strength has left: mental and physical. And then in the mind of the individual, the idea is born: “I’m lazy and it defeated me.” The person, making such a conclusion, will first try to fight with it. He gathers the leftovers of his will, forcing himself to work.

It helps, but not for long, and after a certain time once again laziness comes back, becoming even stronger. Having made several similar attempts, the individual comes to the conclusion that nothing can be done about it, and he’s lazy. Before you start to struggle with laziness, it is necessary to understand what is laziness and does it exist in general? On average, the older people become, the more they are prone to laziness.

There are two types of laziness – physical and mental. Physical laziness is inherent in man with atrophied muscles. But with trained muscles, people like to move, and movement gives him pleasure. The same goes for trained brains. Every individual has his own supply of energy – intellectual and physical, so laziness is just a lack of energy. In short, be sure to read Alan’s manual and extort the stress and laziness already tomorrow! Thank you for attention.

The Goldfish Method by Alan Russell

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