The Handcrafter’s Companion

Regardless of whether or not you’ve been dreaming about making your own luxury soaps, bath bombs, beauty creams, and fragrance products to use in your bathtub or to give as gifts to friends and family – or if you’ve been looking to make the same kinds of products to build a bit of a side income locally or online – The Handcrafter’s Companion program is going to show you ALL of the inside information and crafter’s secrets you need to become successful!

Outlining in step-by-step detail, and written in recipe form, more than 126 easy to so products are going to be shared with you in Jane Church’s ebook. Most of these “recipes” are master recipes, showing you exactly how to make one specific kind of bath soap or one specific kind of bath bomb, but then showing you how to make an infinite amount of variations on that recipe to come up with something really your own!

On top of that, you’re going to find step-by-step resources that show you how to make handcrafted soaps, spot treatments, bath teas and bath bombs, how to cook up your own beauty butters, balms, lotions, and creams, how to put together your own scrubs, polishes, salts, and mosques, and even how to package all of your handcrafted products should you wish to give them as gifts for sale them online or at a local farmers market (or maybe even your very own boutique and shop).

There’s never been quite as comprehensive a collection of these kinds of recipes ever put together before. The options, insight, and secrets available in Jane’s guide have never been disclosed in one place previously, giving you all of the inside information you need to hit the ground running – even if you’ve never even attempted to make any of these kinds of products in the past.

The Handcrafter’s Companion by Jane Church

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