Power Quadrant System

Predicting by the date of birth is a field of knowledge, which originated in ancient times. Many probably know the judgment of the ancient Greek scholar philosopher Pythagoras: “All things can be written in the form of numbers.” Astrologers say that each number corresponds to a certain planet.

Even the sequence of letters in the name, not to mention the date of birth, one way or another affects the destiny of a man. By the way, if you download PQS System by Ric & Liz Thompson, you will discover your hidden potential and will be able to do it for other people.

According to numbers compiled horoscope predicting the future of man, forecasting major trends in fate. Proposed numerological horoscope by date of birth is built on the principle of depending on features of human nature, it’s future the number of the day when he was born.

This horoscope gives the reader an idea of what lies beyond the mind and actions of people. Hidden qualities are often the key to many inexplicable actions, so the knowledge of what man is capable of, under certain circumstances, may prevent the rash and wrongdoings. Some of you reading this may think that this does not apply to you. So people can say: “The exceptions prove the rule.” Horoscope by date of birth, as well as all others, is based on general observations, and in specific cases, it does not have to completely match what you see in yourself.

This does not mean that the numerological analysis of the date of birth is incorrect or untrue to your observations. There are many people who through self-observation could discover their shortcomings and overcome them with the help of determined will. For such people, numerological horoscope may be inaccurate, because they changed their character for the better. To obtain a more accurate picture of their character, and psychological qualities of the main trends of their own destiny it’s also advisable to explore the palm.

Power Quadrant System by Ric & Liz Thompson

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