The Pull-Up Solution

Pull-ups on the bar should be one of your major exercises. If for some reason you can not visit the gym, pulling on the bar will help you keep yourself in shape. By the way, if you want to learn how to catch up a lot, be sure to download the guide by John Sifferman. So what is the use of pull-ups? This exercise helps to significantly develop the muscles of the back. In addition, by pulling, any person develops many other muscles, indirectly working through the entire upper half of the body.

All that is required is the pull-up horizontal bar or beam. Horizontal bars are, in reality, situated in all the gyms and on the street in the courts and sports field. It is not difficult to equip the horizontal bar at home. Dialing a lot of using pull-ups fails, but with them, you can perfectly stretch and strengthen not only the muscles of the back, and arm muscles.

The pull-up technique is very simple and accessible to everyone. But I found a lot of people exercising in the gym, do not anything about it. Briefly, the theory is: the wider the grip hands behind the bar, the greater the burden placed on the latissimus dorsi; the narrower the grip – the greater the burden falls on the biceps. When tightened, touching the back of the head kick, the latissimus muscles are stretched in width.

And if you catch up, touching your chin, the widest stretch more in thickness. In a narrow grip, palms to him, an additional load gets lower parts of the lat, which is in the waist area. I suggest for the first training to include pull-ups in your training program. The grip should be used with more widely shoulders so the load will be more on the back muscles. Pulling is the only exercise in which I allow myself to make up to six approaches.

The Pull-Up Solution by John Sifferman

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