Turn Her On Through Text

Do you want to see HER again? Download the guide by Matt Artisan and get the date using his proven messages. I know it’s hard to imagine why he suddenly left you without even saying “goodbye”. He hasn’t even texted you where the hell on earth he is right now, right?! Yes girl, welcome to the world of millennial dating. Let me ask you this, why do you even go to “dating” apps when men actually see it as a simple “hook-up” app and have heard tragic Tinder stories from your friends?

If you’re a 20-something woman and have very active participation in dating apps like this and on the quest for finding Mr. Perfect the same age group as yours, then I’m sorry because 20-something guys on dating apps just don’t have the same mindset as you have. Why don’t you try dating in real life the classic style? Dating is a game. You win, you lose. In today’s dating generation; you’re either told to be prepared or learn to let go. Here, lemme:

1. You talk about tomorrow when the guy is only interested in today. If he’s interested in you, he’d spend more time with you and will make you feel special even in times when you’re down and feeling bitter about anything. He will try to see you on another perspective because he knows that investing more time with you is going to be a good cause.

2. He thinks you’re boring. No explanations needed.

3. You’ve used too much filter on your profile. See, guys actually want “real people” and if the Tinder profile you’re using is filtered, he thinks you’re just as desperate as he is for a quick fuck based on how heavily filtered your profile picture is. If you don’t want that, why don’t you go all natural and show that perfect simple beauty you have? Guys actually think low-maintenance girlfriends are hot AF!

4. He thinks you play the game very well. Since you’ve read above, you probably already get what I’m talking about. Tinder girls, like guys, are just as damn savages in terms of the game’s rule. He knows a Tinder girl could really crush him so, as a guy who thinks he has balls, he will try to ghost you before you do.

5. You’re just way too awesome for him —  and he can’t deal that fact. It’s got terrifying when you get insecure whenever you’re around people and as a defense mechanism, you block them out instantly before you invest too much emotionally.

6. Or he just doesn’t like you. No explanations needed.

7. Or you’ve “dated” an asshole. Yeah. Some of them are just too much out there.

Turn Her On Through Text by Matt Artisan

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