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In all MMORPG games, the extraction of gold or other game currency is a cornerstone. With no money, you will constantly feel your limitations, and will not be able to purchase better weapons and ammunition. So the question of earning livelihoods is extremely sharp and topical: each player must know the ways of earning gold in WoW and be able to use these ways effectively.

Let’s look at the most popular methods of earning in WOW. By the way, if you do not want to worry, then download Tycoon World Of Warcraft Gold Addon. This addon by Dynasty WoW will help you to easily earn gold in the World of Warcraft.

Method one

The method is characterized by simplicity and boredom. Brain strain is not necessary – you just need to travel across the nests where you feel confident while collecting all that falls out of mobs, selling it to the traffickers on the way. The higher the level of the instis, the more valuable items will fall out of mobs. However, more powerful mobs carry with them (or “in them”) more gold than weak mobs do.

Use auto-loot (i.e. collect automatically everything that fell out from the mobs). This will significantly save your time, you’ll see!  Try to sell the collected items in the friendly fractions because the higher your reputation there is, the higher the price offered by a buyer you will get. Laying out things in front of merchants, you should put valuable recipes and other rare items aside.

It is better to sell them at the auction, and thus, get a greater amount of resources. If you have collected a certain amount of the tissue – remember that it can be turned into bandages, and sell them more profitably. However, the case with cloth is just an example. Just always think whether you can do something with an object or resource to sell it more profitable.

Method two

Oddly enough, many people in the WOW world prefer ways of earning that are not associated with the military craft. Anyone can create a character with one or even two professions; pump it up to 85 level and farm into pleasure. Of course, it is difficult to imagine a true warrior who earns his living by collecting grass, leather, and ore for days.

This way of earning is very tedious and slow. However, it is not necessarily to farm yourself, you may entrust it to others, and buy stuff cheap and resell them more expensive, getting a net profit. If you took a course to the self-farming, I recommend you not to focus on the top registrations.

With rising demand competition is growing. Working in a niche that the others have forgotten, you can earn even more money than in the popular ones. If you are wondering where the certain ingredients/resources are, study the maps with the corresponding markup.

Method three

Work hard and you shall be rewarded. If you like to produce, the case is for small, just do it and sell the resulting products. Thus it is desirable to pay attention to the issue of demand and to do things that are required in the first place. Do it and go forward, to the auction. For example, people often buy belts, to insert a new buckle, and therefore the wizard will never get bored. Some of the stones, elixirs and other useful items have similarly tremendous popularity.

A word of advice: never trust people at their word in matters that something is popular and something you will not be able to sell ever. Make experiments check. Remember: the most profitable niches are those that no one or almost no one knows about. In addition, do not be discouraged if the products are not sold instantly. Profit is the most important for you and the rate of sales is secondary.

Kraft of clothing also requires an experimental approach. Clothes are sold for a long time, however, they are expensive. In general, it is separate trading with its own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to understand that on different servers, similar products can cost completely differently, and it can be valuable on one server, but cannot present any value for most visitors of the auction on the second one. Experienced players recommend choosing a profession in accordance with the specialization of the character, and not the one that seems easier.

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