Unlock Your Hip Flexors

We all know that each of us is unique. There is not another person exactly like you or me. We have different skin and eye color, different personalities, and physical capabilities. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with a perfectly shaped body and model looks. But this does not mean that people have given up and resigned to the innate data.

If you asking yourself how to become strong physically, we congratulate you, you are one of those people who are able to change yourself and the world for the better. But you are just at the beginning of the journey. Learning how to become stronger physically is half of the battle. The main thing is to keep working without stopping and go until the end.

Sitting in front of the computer and reading books is the first step to success, but it will not improve physical condition and will not help you to develop your muscles. You need to do something if you want to be stronger. Also, if you want to change your body shape, make the body more resilient and strong you need to exercise.

The question is – how? Where to start? I am suggesting you to immediately download the book “Unlock Your Hip Flexors“. Exercises presented in Mike Westerdal’s guide will quickly bring you to life. In the meantime, I will present several kinds of sport, with which you can start working on improving yourself and your physical condition.


Start to walk, walk everywhere, try to reach any destination not by bus or car, but by your own feet. Perhaps you have a question: “How can we become strong with the help of a simple walk?” The answer is simple – you should start with small steps. Your body, especially your heart, must get used to a regular, though not heavy exertion.


Start jogging every morning or evening. Please do not put a goal to run 3 or 5 kilometers, just work on your breathing. Run as much as you can. When the overall endurance of the body will increase, then you can start running a specific number of kilometers.


You do not have to start practicing these sports professionally. But going to the gym will be a good thing for your body. In the gym, you can develop all the muscle groups of the body, hire a trainer for more efficient results or consult with the guys who have a lot of experience and who will give you a couple of useful tips on how to become stronger physically.

Martial arts

If all examples above are not your thing, do not be despair. Maybe you should join the sports club? Wushu, karate, judo, boxing? You do not have to face it alone and to prepare the body for the stress. An experienced coach will help you with this. At the same time, you will learn to attack, defend and do various exercises that will make you stronger.

In order to be strong, it is not enough to exercise for several months or even years. Our body becomes weak very quickly. If you stop working out, your muscles will be weak again because they do not get the proper load and you will hate your body shape again. To avoid this, even if you gave up from the gym or sports section, you need to work out at home – push-ups, squats, and ab exercises. The main thing is not to be lazy.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors by Mike Westerdal

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