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If you know the English language, you will be demanded in the labor market. This is one rule that works flawlessly. In fact, the situation on the labor market of intellectual professions showing us that if you have excellent knowledge of the English language, your income will be higher than the income of your colleagues who do not speak English.

Also, knowledge of the English language gives you the opportunity to earn on it. Knowledge of the English language expands your opportunities so that you have to sort out the work. The big plus is that in this way you can make the same amount of money no matter where you live, and it is equal for men and women. Now, I want to explain how you can earn using your knowledge of the English language.

I divide knowledge of the English language into two levels. The higher level –here are the teachers, professional translators. Middle level –there are those who know English at a good conversational level. It means that a person after reading English text, completely understands it. It is clear that the higher level of the English language allows you to work on all tasks related to that language.

At the same time, the spectrum of activities for the mid-level is not so bad. In any case, you can earn money on it. By the way, there is Jenny Lewis’ book “VO Genesis”, which describes a unique method of earning a lot of money with the help of English and your own voice. I highly recommend this guide to everyone!


This is the traditional way of making money for anyone who knows a foreign language. But even being a traditional way, tutoring has not yet exhausted. And with the advent of new technologies, opportunities are only expanded. For example, using Skype can successfully conduct in the tutoring of English with a person from another town.

Teaching (Educational) video tutorials

This is another way of making good money on the knowledge of the English language. YouTube is the awesome creation of the Internet. With YouTube, your voice can hear many people. If you make a few educational video tutorials, you will be able to use them not only on YouTube but also on your own website.

As a confirmation of my words, I simply typed in the search field “English lessons” and got a lot of links. As you can see, there are many popular tutorials, and others are not so popular. In any case, the popular video tutorials bring a good income.

Thematic parties of English Language

Thematic parties can be conducted at the fitness club or in a back yard. With the right approach, you can find a lot of people interested in this. Let me tell you something, if in my town were thematic parties, I would go there more than once. The targets of learning English can be different, someone must use English at work, someone needs for study, and so on, but the key is:

  • People, who had come, can speak English;
  • There is a person who organized the party and who will check people during the party and also will help to many people;
  • You can earn on that.

The advantage of this business for good specialists is that this niche is not so busy. After all, organizing a thematic party cannot handle all people.

If you have a desire, then soon you will start earning big money. You only need to put yourself together and take a step forward and you can achieve financial independence! To do this, try a little bit harder, but, believe me, it is worth it. Invest in your knowledge. It is your future. I wish you good luck in making money online. Thank you!

VO Genesis by Jenny Lewis

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