Wagging for Life

Unfortunately, the dogs are given a very short life, and the time comes when the general favorite and darling must leave us – this is inevitable and very difficult. Some lucky owners managed to live with their friend seventeen, eighteen years old, and others are deprived of it in a few years. By the way, be sure to read the new guide by Carrie Smith, if you have a dog.

Tips from her manual will help you when your dog grows old. It is probably better to have a young dog when your pet is just starting to age. So do many dog ​​breeders, because it softens the bitterness of parting. But not always the old dog is happy with the appearance of the puppy.

Puppy – with his boundless energy, persistence, with his disrespect for the property of old dogs, for her place, bones, toy and even for dinner in a bowl, with his partial appropriation of the owner’s love – will he cause the old dog to get irritated and displeased and it’s better not to be selfish, and if he was not ready for a partnership or a friend, when he was still young, you should not do this when he begins to feel the approach of old age.

Old age brings with it illnesses. We will not be able to cure old age illnesses but to help the old dog and make the last helpless years of her happy we should. The care of your pet’s health carried out throughout life, requiring minimum costs and preventive diseases in old age, includes the following: regular veterinary examinations; Deworming; Care of teeth and ears; Regular physical activity (according to age); Appropriate diet. I wish your dog many years of life, dear readers.

Wagging For Life by Carrie Smith

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