World War Water

Droughts can last a very long time. It is accompanied by a lack of moisture, high temperatures, and low atmospheric humidity. It is very dangerous for a human to overheat the body during that time. After all, the body temperature can rise above 37 degrees, which violates heat exchange. You can predict the onset of drought(unlike the earthquake or fire). By NASA prediction, America is waiting for one of the most severe droughts in the near future.

You definitely need to download the book World War Water – Fight the Mega-Drought and Quench Your Family’s Thirst if you want to prepare for this. John Gilmore will teach you how to protect yourself and your family from the impending drought. I also want to bring essential tips for survival during drought.

You must have reserved with vessels filled with water. Prepare the appropriate clothes and all kinds of fans and air conditioners. People who live in rural areas need to make tents, gazebos, dig wells and special curtains for the windows. It is necessary to spend water wisely.

Try to avoid the heat during the drought. It is advisable to wear light-colored clothes, possibly made of cotton fabric and do not forget about hats.

It is important to know that the burned skin stops to excrete sweat and cool the body. Move slowly, spend less time on the sun and sit more often in the shade. Do not drink alcohol: it will not help, but only will make the worst already weakened the condition of the body.

Ask your doctor can you use salt in that period. If you feel that you got a thermal shock go in the shadow or stand on the place where the wind blowing and take a shower. In such a situation water must consume in large quantities.

Try to cool your body in order not to get a thermal shock. In case of unconsciousness help immediately and provide to the person first aid. In this case, need to do indirect heart massage and “mouth-to-mouth”. The number of fires during droughts may increase so beware. After the end of the disaster regularly follow the news in order if drought attack repeat.

The period of drought may last a very long time. Moisture evaporates, the temperature stays high, the rains do not come – it is a characteristic of normal drought. Without water, plants and animals are suffering. If body temperature rises above 37C body may dehydrate. The drought – is one of the most dangerous natural phenomena because it causes big damage to humanity.

World War Water eBook will help you to survive this difficult time. John Gilmore’s strategies for surviving during the drought something I really liked. I never heard about that before. In this book, the author also gives detailed instructions on how to produce fresh water in the home.

About a quarter of the total land area in the world is occupied by deserts. These areas are poor in vegetation and water. Fluctuations of temperature in the desert can be from sixty degrees in the shade in the summer and up to minus forty – winter. Even during the daytime temperature can fluctuate greatly – at night can be up to ten degrees below zero and in the daytime – a plus thirty or more.

Rainfall in the desert is a minimum. Strong winds are bearing large amounts of sand; dunes with their monotony, dry soil, and mirages making it hard to orient. The fauna is extremely poor, but it has a lot of dangerous animals and poisonous insects. Desert – it is a very unpleasant place. But if you get there, it will be very good if you read John’s guide. Protect yourself from the drought right now!

World War Water by John Gilmore

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