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By | November 2, 2018

Every woman at some time thinking about what we need to look younger. It would be desirable that the skin has always been smooth and healthy, eyes bright, and hair was thick.Recently, a new book “Younger Next Day – The Secret of Being Younger the Next Day” is showed up. In that book, the author gives tips which will help you look younger than your age. But in the meantime, read a few useful tips:

  1. Do not forget about vitamin C

Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, which means that with the help of that vitamin your skin will always look fresh and young. It’s not only the face but also the whole body. So do not forget about such foods rich in vitamin C, as oranges, peppers, kiwi, grapefruit, tomatoes, and strawberries.

  1. Increase the intake of protein

Protein plays an important role in all process which is related with the skin, including the production of collagen and cell renewal. This all makes it a very important for your diet. The best option for your diet – fish, beef, pork, chicken breast. Low-fat dairy products like eggs, nuts, and beans are the great sources of protein.

  1. Add oils into salads

Mayonnaise – it is certainly tasty, but it is not healthy. Replace it with oil, such as olive oil. When you add in the olive oil in a salad, your body better absorbs vitamin C, E and other antioxidants. This salad will make a real fight against harmful free radicals and help keep your skin glowing and youthful.

  1. Stop using face powder!

Do not use a loose or compact powder. It is, of course, at first good for smoothies the face, but the longer the powder “is” on your skin, the more it is hammered into the wrinkles, making them even more visible. Use corrector to cover local issues, and the powder is better to put away.

  1. Use self-tanning cream

Tanned face – it’s always beautiful. Also, tanning hides many dark spots which often appears on the skin after 30 years. If you are using powder with “bronze” effect, apply it on the forehead, nose and cheeks with a large brush..

  1. Take care about your hands

Coco Chanel has a hand cream in every bag. She was right about giving that much attention to the hands. Hands are telling to people how much years we are having. You can regularly use scrubs, peelings which you are using for the body and face. No need to buy a special scrub. Deep moisture is the main thing for the hands and you should use a sun protecting cream with SPF factor in a sunny weather.

  1. Choose make-up wisely

Some colors make you look older and only emphasize wrinkles. So give up from the bright make-up in favor of natural shades – beige shade, transparent gloss shine for lips, black mascara. No need for the screaming blue eyes and bright pink lips.To look young, you need to be healthy and, therefore, it is important not just to “cover up” wrinkles, but eat healthy, exercise, get enough sleep and smile, then no one will think that you have more than 25 years!

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