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Working for money is for losers. Rich people know that you can always become financially independent: even if you work for the third person. You know, the system 10 Minute Awakening can help you. After all, the main thing is to understand the laws of money energy, and have the ability to manage it correctly. If you know the simple laws of the energy exchange of the Universe, the money will flow into your pockets. Here are three methods that can guarantee to help you attracting cash flow.

Setting Up Money Egregor

Each of our desires is a charge of energy. It feeds the energy field. A powerfully charged field begins to contact the fields of other people and change the reality around you. For example, you have remembered an old friend and suddenly he calls you. Maybe you’ve wanted to change the surrounding for a while — and the director sent you on a business trip.

It works with money too, but the charge should be pure and positive. Many people dream of getting rich, although they believe that all the rich are criminals. This is the wrong message; it distorts your energy field. Moreover, the deformed field does not strengthen the fields of others, and you will not get anything.

It is better to think: “I attract wealth. Money is the power that will help me become happier and fulfill all my desires. Money egregor, let’s be friends!” Egregor is a large energy field created by a group of people. The oldest and most powerful people are egregors of religion and money.

Money Egregor Loves Active People

Some charlatans advise to feed your egregor by visiting some expensive restaurants, luxury neighborhoods, large banks. However, this is only passive interaction with egregor; it does not attract an avalanche of money. Money egregor loves people who are active and full of life.

If you want to be friends with money egregor, you should act. Ask your boss for a pay rise or raise the price of your services if you work for yourself. Money egregor resonates with bold desires and decisive actions, attracting new flows of money in your direction.

Money egregor reacts not only to the settings of receiving money, but it activates also any settings for their preservation and multiplication. The study of financial instruments and the ways of investing gives you a constant connection with money egregor.

Bargain is the easiest way to attract money egregor for your purposes. You should trade at any convenient chance. Ask for discounts and discount cards in stores. Ask straight questions like “What discount do you have?”

Do not accept the first offered price, even if it was given to you by the automatic system of your PC. Negative thoughts, modesty, indecision and thoughts like “I have enough of everything” destroy your connection with money egregor and block the energy of money.

Feng Shui and the Energy of the Environment

The Chinese believe that the environment can help to control energy flows. They build houses, offices and apartments so that the good energy ” qi “moves around the room without obstacles and accumulates in areas that are associated with health, love, success and other fields of life, but the bad energy “sha” does not affect that flow.

According to Feng Shui, the Southeast part of the dwelling is responsible for wealth. To find it at home, you need to determine where the North is, and put the Bagua grid on the plan of the apartment. It may turn out that due to the peculiarities of the layout you do not have this sector. Then hang a mirror on the wall that seems to “cutting off ” that area.

It is bad if there are protrusions in the home or the office, because all the sharp corners only strengthen the “Sha” energy. Bright lighting and “music of wind” suspension can partially neutralize the sharp corners. However, you will get the maximum protection only when you close sharp corners with the furniture or you should make alterations in your apartment.

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