101 Secrets of a Microsoft Excel Addict

Do you often use Excel? After reading the guide by Francis Hayes, you will discover over 80 secrets of this useful software. Sooner or later we are faced with tasks, for which we have to learn new software such as Microsoft Excel, which is indispensable. If we look at the program through the eyes of a novice user, we will see that it is almost the same as Word.

The only difference is that there are many cells there where should be a sheet of paper (the working field). What does Excel need cells for? By placing the text there, we can format it, that is, give it different shapes and change the direction of the text. Inserting different formulas and calculations in the cell is also very convenient. Due to the fact that you can change the size of the cells and merge them, you can create very complex tables. By the way, we often use Excel because of the calculations since we can create rather complex tables in Word too.

In addition to conducting different calculations with Excel, you can create various charts, and, as we know, charts give any document some sort of authority and relevance. It is noticed that Excel is often used to create tables, price lists, and to open these tables and price lists at home. Excel is something like a calculator with many functions and possibilities.

With its help, you can make reports, perform calculations of any complexity, and create charts. It is particularly useful for accountants and economists. Excel, compared to Word, is, of course, more complicated. And it is better to start working with this program after learning how to use Word. In order to learn how to use Excel thoroughly, you will need a lot of time. But as practice shows, most people need only basic skills to work.

101 Secrets of a Microsoft Excel Addict by Francis Hayes

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