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I want to share with you my experience regarding how to quickly master the program Adobe Photoshop. Please read some of my recommendations that helped me to learn Photoshop. At first glance, the program seems daunting after the first run, but don’t be afraid, currently, there is a lot of sources using which you can quickly master this program (when I started to learn Adobe Photoshop in 2005 there was not so much information on the study of this program). I had to learn everything with the method of trials and errors or bit by bit from books.

And there were not intelligible books, there were only handbooks, and it was long, tedious and uninteresting to study it, as they were black and white still, brrr…, I flinch when remember. But everything has changed now. You can find a lot of information online, but I recommend you to download the book Learn Photo Editing. I have never met a more understandable course of editing photos.

To get started, simply open the program and start doing something with the method of trials and errors. This method helped me a lot in the study of photo editing at first. Pay great attention to the tools in the program. Having understood how each works, you will find it easier to study different tutorials on Photoshop. Start to study and do homework on special sites with lessons.

If you have a friend who has already understood something in the program, invite him to visit you and ask him to give you some lessons (my sister was my first teacher of the basics). You can also get a job or an internship (I worked in the photo studio, interned in the printing; I was even a web designer).

You can try learning how to use search engines. In fact, in order to solve the question you are interested, it is enough to enter the desired phrase in the google search engine or use the search on the site youtube.com. But among the information from these sites, you will find nothing that can be compared in quality with Patrick’s course. No need to spend a lot of time searching for the right information. Learn Photo Editing tutorials can provide you any information on editing photos.

No one person looks in real life exactly the way he looks on the glossy pages. Even the stars have cosmetic issues. They’re getting older, and you can see it with the naked eye. Just all images are processed in a certain way before they get into print.

There are several special programs that are able to change the photo, but the most popular photo editor is still Adobe Photoshop. The most eminent masters who represent to our eyes the industry of beauty and fashion prefer to use this program. And they know a lot about the perfect representation of the image.

How deeply you think can photos be processed? Some people think that the limit is small skin defects. Yes, they can be removed with Photoshop. But people rarely stop it. After having studied the basics of photo editing, you can change anything in the photo. Cosmetic problems are the first problem, of course. But when this problem is solved, people start changing the contours of the body.

This means that the ideal breast is processed by Photoshop not less than the perfect skin. And even feet you can do much longer than nature intended. If desired, the same can be done with the male body also. Are you ready to become a Photoshop guru?

Learn Photo Editing by Patrick Bonnet

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