2018 CPC Practice Exam

By | September 11, 2018

Medical Billing and Coding presents the latest practice exam for AAPC aspirants. The self help program has a Certified Professional Coder or CPC practice test comprising a hundred and fifty questions, there is an answer key with full rationale, an exam study guide that covers common anatomy terminology handouts, medical terminology root word, prefix and suffix handouts, an official proctor to examinee instructions as officially mandated by the AAPC and Scantron bubble sheets. The latest practice exam has been updated following the release of the coding books for 2018, to specifically ensure that the answer key in the provided is still accurate.

The practice exam will actually appear to be a little harder for many aspirants. It may indeed be so depending on the preparation of an examinee. A harder practice exam is better than being dealt with surprises during the actual examination. The hundred and fifty questions in the practice exam should be completed in five hours and forty minutes, if not less. The CPC practice exam is divided into three sections: Medical Concepts, Surgery and Modifiers, and Remaining CPT Codes. These sections have subdivisions covering guidelines, payment management, anatomy, medical terminology, ICD-10-CM and HCPCS codes, integumentary, musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiology, hemic or lymphatic systems, mediastinum or diaphragham, digestive, urinary, male & female reproductive organs, maternity & endocrine system, nervous system, ears and eyes, evaluation and management, anesthesia, radiology, pathology and medicine.

The CPC practice exam has been structured and the questions have been handpicked to emulate the actual certification test as if it was the real examination. Examinees will be able to get a true experience of what it would be like on the day of the test. There are questions with true or false responses, one to two sentences answers and comprehensive operative notes. The practice exam for CPC aspirants is available for limited time. Download now!

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