Introduction to Basic Electronics

Where to start learning electronics? How to build your first electronic circuit? Is it possible to learn how to solder? Greg Carpenter’s guide is exactly for those who ask themselves such questions. On the pages of this manual, there are articles that every beginner in electronics needs to know in the first place.

For many people, electronics, which used to be just a hobby, grew into a professional environment, helped in job search, and career choices over time. Taking the first steps in learning elements and schemes, it all seems a nightmare. But gradually, with the accumulation of knowledge, the mysterious world of electronics becomes clearer. If you have always wondered what lies under the cover of an electronic device, then you have come to the right place.

Perhaps, the long and fascinating journey into the world of electronics will start for you with ‘Introduction to Basic Electronics‘ hands-on mini home course! People who understand electronics have always surprised me. I always thought they were some kind of shamans: how is it possible to deal with so many elements, circuits, and documentation?

How is to possible to say ‘’Oh, I see’’, take the soldering iron and resurrect a circuit board, just like fixing a favorite toy, by just looking at it and dabbing a couple of times with the oscilloscope in the place that only they would know? You can only call it magic. The heyday of electronics in the U.S. occurred in the 80s. Since then, many years have passed. Now, I have the impression that knowledge and skills have gone away along with the generation of the 70s. I love to learn and discover new things, but it is just that I do not have enough knowledge. Do you want to understand electronics and its laws? Then you know where to start.

Introduction to Basic Electronics by Greg Carpenter

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