3 Week Diet

Do you want to lose weight fast? The first step is to calm down. I understand you. You weight more than you would like to and you are ready to muster up starting next minute, to begin a determined fight with yourself and all that. Please, stop. Think about one simple thing – you are not alone in your fight with excess weight. Approximately half of the population weights more than necessary.

At least two-thirds of the population weight more than they would like to! Do you think they aren’t eager to lose weight? They are more than eager! And they would’ve lost their weight if they knew how to do that. Please, don’t rush, please, calm down, give yourself a chance to think about this problem, to get to the bottom of it.

Because if you do not know how you should be losing what’s the point in making abrupt actions. You’ll only make things worse! What could you do while you’re trying to calm down? The best option is to watch nature and to take a look at yourself.

Get back to simple worldly pleasures – pleasing foam bath, adequate sleep, socializing with your friends, walking in a park, a tasty dessert. By the way, you can once and for all forget about counting calories, about drinking water in unthinkable amounts, about finding out the exact time of your last meal, about eating lime instead of lemon, brown sugar instead of white, bitter chocolate instead of sweet one…

These and all other tricks you will never need again. All that you will need to do you certainly can do because it’s simple. Isn’t that a reason to calm down? Step two: everything is within your capabilities! Now you need to decide where do you want to get help from – from all kinds of “magic pills” or from your own actions? In order to help you make a choice I’ll say that the best way to lose weight is The 3 Week Diet Program by Briann Flat. Step three: you’ll have to choose one of the two global approaches. Let’s call them a violent one and the harmonic one.

The first one is based on forbidding. The second one is based on the notion that your organism is wise, your organism is made for a harmonic and happy life, it doesn’t want to carry around needless stuff and we need to help it get rid of the stockpile, to become light, energetic and cheerful. The first one requires instructions and their obedient execution, the second one required information, smart approach and thinking. This choice is not a simple one. Logic pushes us to choose the first option.

You can almost hear it say “You need to fight with yourself, to not let yourself loose, to get yourself together!” But this tactic only helps 5% of people. Give yourself a chance, at least once discard violence. You are not losing anything! Want a hint? In one of your last attempts to lose weight did you manage to lose it, did you sense that strange feeling of lightness, emotional uplift, even for just several days? You got all hopeful and excess kilograms disappear quite fast and you do not want to either eat at all or can eat just a little?

Often this feeling is accompanied by falling in love or inspiration. If that ever happened to you you’ll easily understand me! When in this state your organism switches to using mostly your stock energy, lipolysis is stimulated, your weight goes down and you don’t really want to eat. And why want at all? You’ve got enough energy. This state is the state of harmonic, pleasant weight loss we will reach with the help of Brian’s weight loss guide. Thanks for reading and good luck with your weight loss adventure!

The 3 Week Diet by Brian Flatt

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